Where is the R button

It was used to “automated” faders

There was an R and a P button that could be used to record the fader movements of earlier versins of Ntracks. I can’t find them now. Anyone know where they are?

But that brings up an interesting point that I wonder about. Does anyone else find that all of the toolbar does not display on the monitor? Even at 1024 X 768 I don’t diplay out far enough to show the buttons. I have two monitors and normally I run the main at 800 X 600 - that really leave out stuff even when the full screen button is pressed.
Does this bother anyone else?


Does this bother anyone else?

Yep. I run mine at 1280x1024 which fits a lot of stuff but it sure makes READING some things awfully difficult. I’ve always had crappy eye sight and it is not getting better with age…


Maybe some of the items on the main toolbar should be assignable to the other tool bars so that the lenght could be shortened.
The entire tool bar docks/undocks - maybe seperate it inot two dockable sections?