Where to get the offical 'Compact Disc' logo?

Anywhere I can download it?

Hi folks

I am doing the artwork for my CD which will be mastered and pressed at a studio. I’ll save a lot of money if I can provide them with finished artwork, and I need to include the official ‘Compact Disc’ logo. Anyone know where I can download this?


Doing a Google image search brought up this site and this site.

Thats great, thanks.

I tried normal Google and couldn’t find it - didn’t think to do Google/images. Doh!

i don’t know how versed you are in graphic design, but i prefer to work with vector art for logos, as they’re guaranteed to print out nice and sharp… especially on a nice printer.

here’s a link to eps files for various music industry logos… you’ll find what you need if you can make use of them.


Thanks Dimmer, very nice link, i will keep it.