wherem i goin wrong???????

no sound recorded at all

Greetins to everyone. just got ntrack tried pluggin it in n I get no sound recorded. I am runnin an acoustic guitar thru an amp into the line in on my box. I can get sound thru computer speakers but no sound gets recorded. Ive tried muckin round with recording meterz thru hardware panel to no avail.Any suggestions or even helpful abuse at a fool who cant get it right would be great.
Lets all make tunes!!!

are you makin sure the line in box is checked in the recording control box that you get to from volume control panel?

howdi mate
in the volume control panel it says line in is working, I can hear the guitar coming thru the speakers n it sounds sweet but no movement on the recording meter at all. any suggestions, I have got the 10th box from the left on the audio switch so I all outta ideas!!

Sounds as if you have your recording source set wrongly in windows. Assuming you’re not using a card that comes with its own mixer applet, try pulling up the Window’s mixer (double click on the speaker icon in the system tray).

From memory - Select File and then Options and select the “Recording” mixer option. You may need to enable all of the possible recording sources in the box below. Click OK (I think) and check along the sliders/volumes. You need Line in to be ticked. Recording should then work.

Sorry, these instructions are not very clear.

Which input device is selected in n-Tracks preferences? I bet it’s not the line-in you’re playing into.


Hey thanks for the reply but still no go.I had a look at what u suggested but that seems fine. If I am hearing the guitar thru the computer speakers does that mean I am on the right track or that has no relevence?

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What gets recorded and what you can hear through the speakers are two different things. You need to check what Phoo said next.

From the n-track manual. May help


The first thing to learn when recording with the computer is using the soundcard's mixer software or the standard Windows Volume Control [Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows] or the Sound Control Panel [Windows Vista].

Most soundcards contain a simple mixer circuit, through which the soundcard is able to select, among its many inputs and outputs, the signal(s) to record from and the signal(s) to send to the output.

Before starting a recording, connect your audio source (microphone, guitar, mixer etc.) to a soundcard input (usually line in or microphone in).

· Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows
Run the Windows Volume Control (usually found in the Start Menu/Accessories/Entertainment menu). Chose the Options/Properties menu command, select your soundcard and click on the Recording button. In the options dialog box make also sure that all the relevant signals are not hidden: the dialog box shows a list of the sources the mixer will show, and sometimes important sources may be hidden by default. After you click on OK the mixer will show the view of all the recording controls.

Now make sure that the recording source to which you have connected your audio source is activated (i.e. the checkbox below the source's level slider is checked).

· Windows Vista
The audio devices settings can be adjusted in the dialog box that appears opening the Windows Control Panel via Start Menu/Control Panel, selecting Hardware and Sound, then clicking on Manage Audio Devices. Audio inputs (i.e. recording sources) appear in the Recording tab of the dialog box, outputs appear in the Playback tab.
Each input and output of the audio device/soundcard will appear as a separate icon with its own level meter. To adjust the settings of each input/output right click on the Input or Output (for example Mic in), select Properties from the popup menu, then click on the Levels tab. The controls available for each input or output may differ and depending on the particular model of soundcard there may or may not be controls for recording/playback level, mic boost etc.

Turning off all unused recording sources reduces the overall noise level and improves the quality of the recording.

Adjust the selected recording source's recording level slider, watching n-Track's recording meters until you obtain a good signal level without clipping.

You're now ready to start your recording!

Note that hearing a signal coming from a soundcard input doesn't necessarily mean that the soundcard is recording that signal: for example, with most soundcards can be configured so that you can record the signal coming from the line input while monitoring (i.e. hearing from the soundcard's output) the signal coming from the microphone input. You can set which signal to monitor from the playback view/tab of the Volume Control/Sound Control Panel, while the signal from which to record is selected from the recording view/tab.