Which Is The Correct Config For Tracking?

Which Settings, Mono Or Stereo-Crashing

Hi fellow N-Trackers:

I have been recording for years with N-Track, and have just recently run into a problem with something.

I want to record 6-8 tracks using N-Track in conjunction with my Presonus Firepod, at 24 bit capacity.

I’ve done this in the past with no problems using the “Left Justifies” settings on the one icon, and Stereo/Stereo-Use two Mono Tracks.

All of a sudden I go to lay down these tracks and N-Track crashes, as none of the setting combinations I try work anymore?

I also want to assign each track individually:
Snare on 1, Kick Drum on 2, Mounted Tom on 3, Floor Tom on 4, OH mic on 5, Oh Mic on 6.

How is this done?

So -In a nutshell…
Which 24 track settings do you use to get your recordings done, and how would you assign these drum thracks?
Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!


I don’t have a firepod, so I can’t give specific help, but if you have recorded like this before then, presumably NTrack was happy.

Try to think what has changed since last time, what new software you might have loaded / upgraded. If you have any new plugs etc.

Windows is a strange beast.


If you have recently reorganized your directories, deleted or renamed files, check to make sure that the paths set in the preferences point to valid subdirectories. Set all audio settings (via both the recording panel hammer-incon and audio preferences icon) back to defaults if you know them. The driver for your Firepod could be corrupt - try reinstalling it.

If these steps doesn’t work, we will probably need a bit more infromation to figure out why n-track is crashing.

How does it crash - Does n give any error messages or does it just close?

Exactly when does n-track crash? As soon as you hit the record button? On playback too?

Does n-track crash if you start a new project?

I’m not sure that I understand what you mean when you say you want to assign each track individually. I assume that you mean you want to map 6 Prosonus ouput channels to 6 n-track recording tracks. I don’t have a Firepod, but when we want to set up to record multiple tracks simultaneously using our Edirol, we first have to configure the driver to tell it which channels to use, otherwise they don’t appear as choices in the recording software.


Thanks for your help, guys!

When using the Firepod, there is no soundcard involved=It is firewire-based.

What I mean by individual assignments is Iwant each mike (6 total) to have their own tracks to minimize the bleeding of all the tracks.

I’ll try re-installing the Firepod driver, and resetting the N-Track settings to default and see what happens.

Thanks again for your help!
It crashes as soon as I complete configuring it to record-Never get the chance to actually hit the record button.


When using the Firepod, there is no soundcard involved=It is firewire-based.

The Firepod is your sound card in this scenario even if it’s not a PCI card.

I suggest deleting the config file and resetting the prefs again. The config file (n-track2.cfg) will be in C:\Documents and Settings<i>yourlogonname\Application Data
-Track Studio
or something similar. Resetting the the prefs does something similar, so maybe that will get you going. If not just nuke that file manually. n-Tracks will recreate it.