Which nTrack ver.

is best with 98SE

Which version of N is best for Win98SE?

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I would say 3.3 was the best for that platform.

i second the 3.3 suggestion,i ran that on a 533 machine with 98se and i could get 12 tracks or so b4 she would bog down,ya gotta be slow with it ,i mean like ya dont wanna open any windows as your playing back,have your effex window open and ready an then ya can fiddle during playback, things of this nature you wanna watch :agree:

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persistense is futile

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Another vote here for 3.3. I have fond memories of squeezing every possible cpu-cycle out of my PII 450 running the early n-track versions. Manual freeze, big buffers, careful use of effects. I even had to turn off the meters and the scrolling timeline to get some tracks to play, but hey it was fun.

I had a lot of mileage with a thing called 98lite (google it), which helped maximise what could be done. Might still be worth a look if your PC is old.

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Got it,

Hi, I’d vote for Version 2.3 works really well on a P3 933Mhz with win 98.
Whenever I’ve tried its worked better with 98 than anything else.

Second that Nick, I was able to do 24 tracks with 2.3 on a 933Mhz with Windows 98SE as well without problems.

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3.3 was (is?) the bestest most fandabulous version of Ntrack ever!
So there!


The problem with 2.3 was you couldn’t render a section of the song, only the entire song. That small feature prompted me to upgrade to 3.0