Which Part am I playing?!

I’m not playing the part I’m lookig at!!

This is too wierd! I came to n-track after a problematic 2 years on a digital multitracker (Akai DPS121). From that machine I had a CD album of 16-bit/44100 tracks that I was happy with. Thing is, they’re all a bit quiet and I want to pull each track into N-Track and normalise it so that it plays at the same volume as my latest N-track album.

My N-track’s on a PC to which I’ve connected an external hard drive containing my Akai album’s .wav files. I’ve then pulled the .wavs onto my hard disk and then loaded them into N-Track, where my Preferences are 16-bit/44100. As I look at each .wav, I’ve realised that the screen is not in sync with what’s playing. Then when I zoom in, there comes a point when I suddenly AM in sync and I can view, for instance, the fadeout. when I zoom out again, I can hear the fadeout, but am still looking at mid-song waves! Then when I normalise the track, it truncates it and I lose the end! (am I losing 3900/48000 of the file?) Am I losing my mind?!

Yes you are losing your mind. This is the Sound Forge Forum.

No wait… I’ve lost my mind - yep.

Not sure what could be causing that GB - is it a visual loss (video card prob) or does a mixdown show a loss of data and song length?

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Mar. 12 2009, 4:21 PM)

No wait.... I've lost my mind - yep.

:laugh: You earned a good point for that one!

the timeline is controlled by your playback buffer settins - it will lag behind with high buffer setting - lower the buffer setting and it will be better - when you open the buffer box change the preload and disk load boxs to 2 then apply -