Who's 33 today?


Happy Birthday Wihan! 33, wow getting on up there kid!

Hope you have a great day! :D

hey man,hope your scooter is runnin smooth ,happy b day:p



Happy Birthday Wihan,

Your one of the good guys! :)

Take care,



Happy Birthday!


Hi Wihan:
Happy Birthday to you… 33 EH? I would have taken you to be older… But 33 is O.K.


Hi there !

Thanks everyone !

Getting there (not so slowly…) :(

The hair is getting thinner, I’m not… :D

Yip, the scoot is still going strong - in fact, I’ve been out on the road most of the day.

Went on a breakfast run with a couple of buddies - it was the perfect weather for riding. Nice and open but not too hot. Went for a scenic coastal road.

These were the bikes parked outside our 1st coffee stop.

This was almost at the end of the trip - me and my cousin (my scoot is the red one):

And this what the shiny bike ended up looking like after the day…

Very big grin !

This is the most fun I could have today without my wife !
(She’s gone for the day on business)

Thanks everyone !

Btw - a good birthday gift for me would be to just give a quick thought to the Sharpeville massacre of the 60’s in South Africa. 21 March is a local public holiday (Human rights day). Lets remember.

Take care !


Happy belated Birthday wishes Wihan!

Darn day job! Being a working Joe type is killin’ me! Oh well, I guess it beats welfare… maybe… I know this one guy drives a big Caddy… never worked a day in his life…


33? 33?? Heck, I’ve got underwear older than 33!

(not really, but it sounds good)

Have a happy!

A very, very, happy birthday you old fart, sorry, young fart. :D

Anyway, have a good one Wihan. :)



Well I’ll be 33 this year too…haven’t lost any hair, or gained any weight yet…

I guess it is true what they say, it ain’t the years it’s the mileage and I suppose you get quiet a few on that scoot. :p it’s the red one, I get it! That helped narrow it down a bit…lol

keep shinin’

jerm :)

Thanks all !

You guys rock :D