WHo was the guy

Too drunk to show up at concerts

Who was the country singer back in the late 90s who was always too drunk to show up at his own concerts? It’s one of those things making me nuts becuase I can’t think of his name.

Nevermind. It was George Jones.

"The Opossum"


George Jones is great!

Hank Williams Jr. was also one for that!

Hey Guys:
You’re talking about possibly one of the Better Country Blues Entertainers there ever was…
You have to discount the fact that he often never showed up at bookings he agreed upon several months in advance of appearences… It happened right here, in this town…

He’s been-there-done-that… and he knows His songs come from the Heart…

Ya can’t ask a Blues Singer to play the Blues if he ownes a Benze or a Hummer, now, can you??

Amongest him, including Owen Bradley and Harlan Howard, Ray Price and Ernie Tubb and Names like those guys, in that circle, Country Blues will never be the same… These guys knew how to “Pitch” their songs…

And they always had three more written and arrainged in their back pocket… :O :p



Righto Bill…that’s the real deal stuff. It don’t get no bedder. Those guys had some of the best pitch control and expression there ever was. It’s almost a lost art. It’s one thing to hit perfect pitch. It’s another to hit perfect pitch and still have a lot of emotion left.

Such antics won George Jones the dubious title of "No-Show Jones."

Someone (another Country singer) was asked why he didn’t cover any of George Jones’ songs and he replied: “Once George has done 'um they are pretty well done!” And when you think about that, it’s very true. I can’t think of any GJ song that has been better covered by anyone although I have heard some attempts at it.

In George’s generation the drug of choice is alcohol.

Willie Nelson is known to tip a few at times also. My brother-in-law saw Willie in concert when someone from the audiance swaggerd up to the stage and offered Willie a drink out of a brown paper bag. Before security could react, Willie took a long, long pull on the bottle, smiled and continued on as if nothing had happened. I don’t know that Willie misses gigs though.

I saw Willie on Oprah some years ago and he did the whole interview in his bathrobe, fuzzy slippers, and red bandana on his head. The guy is one laid-back dude.


high-as-a-kite, is more like it. He’s a well known smoker of the herb.

He’s been known to say that he’s not purchased any of it for years, his fans keep him supplied.

Quote (pjk @ Sep. 15 2005,14:24)
high-as-a-kite, is more like it. He’s a well known smoker of the herb.

Hahaha - I was going to say more or less the same thing right after Don’s post was up, but then thought ‘better not…’ :)