Congrats, Cliff.
I watched a little of the game. It was close most of the way, but it became obvious who the winner was going to be. Hopefully, you’ll get a little better competition from up in Knoxville next year.

Competition from Knoxville is always scary…sometimes more than others…life in the SEC…


SEC rules!


Could someone please translate into English :slight_smile: (I tried babelfish it doesn’t have a US english to UK english setting). :whistle:

SEC == South Eastern Conference

The sports deities have somehow divvied up the USA into “conferences” where teams in that conference compete for the conference championship. Then for the National Championship, a bunch of sports writers “vote”… or something… You can be the best there is on the field and still come in second or third.

Somebody who actually knows more will probably chime in…


American College Football Mark. Real football - not that round let’s kick it somewhere stuff. :laugh:

How bout them Utes! (Did you say Yoots/Youths?)


How bout them Utes! (Did you say Yoots/Youths?)

I'm sure D has heard more than he wants to about them.

errr… thanks for the clarification on that guys… I think :slight_smile: