Why +99 show up in velocity


Everytime I import an instrument from a custom soundfont, I need to select the instrument in the PROGRAM. It works fine. Then I start playing and later when I come back to the PROGRAM interface (I dont know the name of the interface screen when the PROGRAM option shows up) there is a VELOCITY option, and every single time it’s set to “+99”. I need to change to “+127” because I want to use the full velocity range because most of the times I use instruments which have 5 or even 6 velocity layers so I need to use the full range.

Why doesnt it use de +127 value by default? It’s what is expected… +99 seems arbitrary.

One more question: cant you allow the user to set a MIDI range keys in the PROGRAM interface? Many DAWs allow that, for example, if I have an instrument and I want it to only work from the C3 to C6 then I could set it in your app, specifying the range (maybe the key numbers like 60-90 for example). That’s a really useful thing for people that layer instruments when playing.

The +99 issue is a bug, it will be fixed in the next update. The default setting “velocity” is 0. It’s a factor that is added to the track’s notes velocity, so if you use +20, it means that if a note has velocity 80 the note that is actually played will have velocity 80+20=100. This is sometimes useful when you want to force all notes of a track to sound quieter or stronger.

As for the input range, the next update will have a ‘Filter midi notes’ setting in the rec-arm popup menu for each track, this will allow to set the range of midi notes that each track responds to, so you’ll be able to say two tracks with different note ranges so one track will play with certain keys and the other with other keys.

The new update will be available within this week.


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Hi Flavio, thanks for your answer. That’s a really nice feature but I dont think it works correctly: you see, I have a 5 velocity layered piano and for some reason, when it was showing +99, it never played the last velocity note, no matter the speed I pressed the key. For some reason, when you increase the velocity +XX I think you are only increasing the volume but not checking if there is another sample at that specific added velocity: if there is, your app should not just increase the volume, but play the new sample (velocity layer)!

The velocity setting is summed to the note velocity, it’s not used as a volume. When the software instrument receives the note it uses the velocity to compute the volume and to select the sample(s) to play for that velocity.
Please test how the velocity setting works in the new update (that should be online within the week) as on the current version, because of the issue I’ve mentioned, the +99 value that is shown may not be the actual value of the setting that is acquired internally.