Why do you guys use N-track?

Hmm…i remember i was direly in need of a recording software and someone recommended me to use N-track as this was a free version. I really loved the simplicity it had to offer, so decided to actually buy the full version.

However, I am finding it to be somewhat unstable (I am not so sure about how other softwares would be as i have never tired any other). One of my friend bought the Delta1010LT which came with a stripped down version of the Cubase SX. I might just grab it from and give that a try as well.

Have you guys tried any other recording softwares before you tried N-track? What do you think about Ntrack. Do you find it stable enough?

add your $ 0.02 :)

ill be honest,i’ve never tried another program,i think n track was the first one i ever found and i never tried anything else,just because n track did what i wanted,and learning how to use it wasnt hard,infact,first time i ever fired it up a short while later i was listining to a 4 layer track an was quite happy with myself,my son has a computer loaded with things like acid pro an cakewalk an fruity loops,but they were not easy enough to understand right off without goin through a manual,then this forum that flavio has set up is really great,i dont know if other recording progys have them too,but im impresed with the base of consumers we have here an thier willingness to help anyone out that may seek it,also a real important part of my positive experience with n track has to do with the fact that i could run an track on an old ,slow machine,the first time i downloaded n track was to an old machine that was used as the “family puter”,i didnt know it at the time,but that old machine was doin me bout 8 tracks before it would hang up on me,so,to me,i see that as a stable program,if ya can get justa family computer to make a nice recording,i figured imagine what ya could do with a good machine and n track,im notta recording expert by any means,an the only reason i got a recording program was to make a demo that i could use to sell my solo thing i was doin,im sure theres other programs that may work as well,but i havent need’d to find one because n has done what ive need’d from the start,

I tried’em all. At least the demos.

* Protools neglected to run on XP
* Cubase was too complicated
* Logic had no offline mixdown and I couldn’t even render two tracks with reverb on my old MMX 233MHz. It also had no VST/DX-effects at that time. Only Logic effects.
* n-track had everything. Offline mixdown, VST/DX, an easy user interface PLUS it was not bank-breaking.

The other DAWs were unknown to me at that time. So n-track still is a winner for me.


I tried a number of demos and they either wouldn’t work at all on the system I was using at the time or were so crippled that I couldn’t properly evaluate them. n-Track worked the first time. The low cost is a factor as well. The nearest commercial equivalent I’ve seen is Sonar which has a prettier interface and more powerful MIDI implementation, but these are things I don’t care about and therefore are overshadowed by the fact that Sonar costs 6 times what n-Track costs.


If you downloaded ver 4 you may find stabiliy issues. Try ver 3.3.


Because its very easy to use.


I use it cause it does what i need and it’s stable. I’m running 3.3.


Quote (teej813 @ Sep. 12 2004,12:29)
I use it cause it does what i need and it's stable.

I couldn't have said it better!

Thanks guys for all your replies. Yeah…N-track is great indeed. I have recommended it to many who are new to the world of DAW. So far, no one has complained about N-track.

I have a feeling, this might be a keeper.

Did you download the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s site? That’s always the first thing to try concerning stability or dropouts.

I haven’t used V4 yet, but V3.3 is pretty stable for me.

My understanding is that most DAW programs have stability problems, depending on the system (system software, drivers, motherboard, other software loaded, etc.) There are a couple things to try (like checking “keep devices open” under Audio Devices -> Advanced, and updating soundcard drivers. Also reloading your system, if you can – fixes many many problems and not just with DAW programs.

I’ve heard stability complaints against all the major programs, except perhaps ProTools TDM stuff, which costs thousands and better be stable!

I don’t I’m afraid. I performed some major housekeeping on my PC several weeks ago and still haven’t re-installed n-track, and I haven’t missed it.

But, the reasons for using it are as others have stated.

It’s intuitive, friendly, easy to use, and you can’t quibble about the price.

Not only that, but it seems many people find that it does everything they need, and the final big plus, is the high level of support you receive here, and at Audiominds (if you’re prepared to genuflect to the idol that is).

But, it does lack in some areas, MIDI specifically. But many seem to do their MIDI in other programmes and import into n-track.


You usually get what you pay for. Not so in the world of multitracking software… - Cubase (all versions), ProTools, Logic Pro Audio, Sonar, you name them, all have issues, too. Stability problems, refusing to work with a particular hardware setup, lack of support… - I found that I would rather pay the - very modest, in fact - fee asked for n-Track than be left out in the cold by some big-timer.

I know that n-Track lacks features found in other programs. Up until now I’ve managed to live without those features, or circumvent them by adding a little more labour myself. What n-Track does, it does very well. What n-Track doesn’t, I usually have another way of doing. I know it’s cool to be able to ‘freeze’ a mix - I’ve found workarounds for that, too, and I don’t think I’ll ever need it.

Some of the companies even expect you to pay for an upgrade containing nothing more than bug fixes… - I love n-Track, and I appreciate the way it’s being supported and distributed. may that never change (at least for a loong time…)

regards, Nils

This is the first and only software I’ve tried. I’ve had well meaning friends (with more advanced needs) offering me - even giving me - other products. I say n-Track gives me anything I need (and I don’t need MIDI features) and I haven’t upgraded ever (v 3.0.4) since it plain works while being stable as bleep. I try to focus on the music and leave the computer to its’ own vices…

Teryeah, I can understand that attitude, especially considering the uphill struggle learning to use these things.

I however, started with demo’s of both n-track and Cubase VST. N-track was the easiest to learn, but Cubase seemed to offer more, and for me at least, it was more stable.

I have since moved up to Cubase SX, and that for me is probably where I’ll stay, but, if you’ve found a sequencer that suits you, then why change.

But I will re-install n-track, it’s quick and convenient and the ideal thing to use when I want to get something recorded while it’s still fresh in my mind.

But, I found my horizons expanded considerably when I started using Fruity Loops.

It’s not a replacement for either n or Cubase, but a completely different tool all together, with its own strengths and weaknesses.

If you’ve never used it, or Acid, then I can highly recommend that you do, it adds a whole new dimension to the possibilities of composition.


well n track was the second programme i tried, i cant remember the first it was rubbish ($8 registration fee was tooooo much) n track was easy to get the hang of (though i still dont know all its in’s and out’s) unfortunatly i’m as big a fan of capabilities as i am of my own abilities (if i’ll only ever use 16 tracks i want the possibility of 32).
n track is a killer programme to learn home recording on but as of last week i’m considering changing my allegience due to (in my experince) non workable midi (for all practical purposes midi dosnt exist in n track for me)
i’m hoping to introduce an “electronic” element to my work using vst instruments and rewire and am fearful that n may leave me wanting, (unless flavio can sort out my problems) and so i should mention the support, as far as i can tell flavio (who created n track) is on the button as far as support is concerned and you’ll not be left out in the cold.

n track is well capable of producing brilliant songs as far as your capable of suppling it with the raw materials.

I find using n for audio recording and final mixdowns and Fruity Loops for drum patterns, VSTi synths, other weird stuff, and midi works as a good combination.

Like many of the other posts to your question I tried demo versions of all the big name programs but as soon as hit 4 tracks of audio data the programs would generally start droping data during playback. I tried the demo version of ntrack 4 and it worked without any problems. I find that ntrack has all the look and feel of the big buck programs but the major difference for me was that it worked. I have loaded up to 12 stereo audio tracks with various effects and still the program performed without a problem.

I’m running v3.3 also and I will probably stay with it until the stability issues are all resolved in v4.0. I have been with n-Track since v2.x or earlier and I use it because anyone with a certified room-temperate IQ (Celcius) can get it to perform and perform well.

I also own Power Tracks Pro Audio which has better MIDI implementation but its learning curve is vertical by comparison. n-Track is easy to understand and I didn’t buy it for MIDI anyway. Although it has come a long way in that regard, it still has a way to go to be a good MIDI editor. But I know that Flavio is continually working on the MIDI features. Stay tuned!


I’ve been pretty happy with nTrack all round, including the stability factor. Alot of the stability is how the software works with the audio card drive & the computer’s hardware itself. My audio card (Echo Audio Gina24) has worked pretty well with nTrack (altough it occasionally cuts on me during playback/recording). If it hadn’t been stable, I would have tried other software packages but nTrack has worked.

For the price, you can’t bet it!!! I’ve recorded 2 CDs on it, plus numerous demo’s. All 96/24 & I’ve pushed the software, the plug-ins & the computers that I build. I’ve got so complaints.