why does my stuff sound wrong?

newbie question


my recordings sound wierd. unfortunately i cannot see a way to post a 25 second clip that i made, nor a screen shot but my recordings sound as if they are going through a ring modulator. or, possibly a vibrato/chopper. as if they had been stretched and then unstretched but the stretched “sound” remains.

two weeks ago everything was working fine. then i downloaded some mandatory Windows updates and installed a new wireless keyboard. since then the whole thing has been acting strange. as if several things had reset without me doing anything. it didn’t even recognize my soundcard.

i’ve also noticed that there is now a lag in start/stop time. when i press stop the music continues for about two seconds. it’s as if the computer is running twice as hard.

but i haven’t personally done anything. it is a new computer, Windows 8.1. had it for a month.

does anyone have ideas on how to troubleshoot this? i’m out of ideas.

I don’t know what version you are using, and it may not be the problem. I am up to date with Windows 7 64 bit and no similar issues with the latest beta.
Have you check the audio settings? Is the sound card and n_Track both at same rates?
Is the Windows sound setting for the same as n_track.
Are the buffers at default?
Do you have the same prodocal for record and play (MME, WDM, ASIO) Have you tried a different protocol?
If all of that is ok
I think I would restore the settings to default in n_Track. If that did not work I would uninstall and reinstall n_Track.

Windows 8 is a terrible system. Get the 10 update and hope it is better.

the problem for now is solved. i’m using an older soundcard (emu 1616m) and maybe the computer soesn’t like it. i do have the latest codecs.

either way, thanks for your help.