Why is my “mixdown” overwriting my project.sng file?

First: Windows 10, Ntrack ver: 9.1.8 Build 6951

Here are my steps:

  1. Launch Ntrack
  2. File | New
  3. File | Import audio file (c:\Rehearsals\Recording.mp3)

Now I want to save my project & sng file
3. File | Save as | “c:\Rehearsals\Practice-1.sng” [Save]

I restart Ntrack to see if my Project is there.
4. File Exit
5. Launch Ntrack. It automatically brings up my “Practice-1” project. This is good!

Next I want to cut out a large chunk of the recording and save it as “Song-1”
6. I edit the file
7. File | Mixdown : mixdown to “c:\Rehearsals\Practic-1\Exported Audio\Song-1.mp3” [Save]
8. (I check that the file has been created and it has.)

Next I open the Project and repeat the process to edit the second song
9. File | Open | “c:\Rehearsals\Practice-1.sng” [Open]
****** It opens the file I just mixed down not the entire night recording. This is bad.



n-Track always saves when you close a song, exit the app, or open another song (even if you open the same current song). You can simply use the Undo command to get back to the previous state (it works even after restarting the app and/or reloading a song) before you edited it.
Another way is to reload a previous snapshot of the song (n-Track always creates a snapshot when it auto-saves a .sng) in the Snapshots subfolder of the song folder.
Auto saving might require some adjustment in your workflow if you’re used to manually saving, but it has the great benefit of freeing one from having to manually save, or answering prompts to save or not save, and the undo plus snapshots features make it very difficult to inadvertently loose your work.