Will Auto-Tune Work With n-Track?

Plug-in Auto-Tune question

I downloaded the free Auto-Tune VST plug in and I’m reading the manual before I activate the 10 day trial. Can somebody tell me if it will work with n-Track? I don’t want to screw up my sytem by installing it if it’s beyond n-Tracks capabilities.

Yes it will work. For a free alternative try “gsnap” by GVST.

I’d add that Auto Tune sounds artificial and now a-days is an abused plug in. Avoid using if you can. Or, even if the singing is bad… instead of using auto tune to completely correct the vocals, just use it to lightly touch the audio. Slight touches dont sound to horrible

I recently used Gsnap to correct one single note in a pocket saxophone track I recorded. The playing was OK but for one note in the end of a phrase.

I copied the offending noteto a separate wave-file, auto-tuned it using Gsnap, rendered with dithering off(!), collapsed to mono (like the original file, which was mono), imported in a fresh project with the original file, moved the corrected note to correspond in time with the original note, made an automatic crossfade to insert the corrected note in the place of the original, and rendered the result, again without dithering. Worked like a breeze and took me in all about 15 minutes to do.

BTW, I wonder why rendering to mono with any VST plug-ins active - or rendering offline to mono - makes the result sound weird? ???

regards, Nils