Windows Vista vs XP Media Center Edition

I bought a new PC in Dec. '06 with the “lovely” Windows XP Media Center Edition. Part of the package deal was that I get a free upgrade to Windows Vista. I spent many hours tweaking the Media Center Edition into a stable platform for my use. I like to be on somewhat on the cutting edge, but I’m very hesitatant to upgrade to Windows Vista at this early stage of it’s existence. I support the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I was very very unfortunate a few years ago to purchase a PC with Windows ME (Millenium Edition). There were so many problems with Windows ME that I almost felt like trashing it and cranking up the old Commodore 64.

Any thoughts of upgrading to Windows Vista from a fairly stable OS?

My main concern with Vista is similar to when XP came out, HARDWARE SUPPORT. Before you upgrade make sure that all of your necessary hardware is actively supported.

Dave T2