windows xp completely shuts down

all builds version 5 and 6

I’ve used n-track for years.
Upgraded to newest version.
After recording 2 or 3 very short test tracks, Windows XP completely shuts down.
There are no bluescreeens or warnings.

I tested with versions 5 and 6 and with default and other settings (MME, WDM, etc.) and with all inputs disconnected (MIDI, analog, etc.).
I use Audigy Platinum eX soundcard.
No other DAWs cause this problem. Also, previous versions have always worked flawlessly.
I have updated/reinstalled Creative drivers.
Looked at my Windows services.
The computer works great with no other problems with any other programs.

I think n-track is great and really want to get new version working.
Thanks for any help.

Have you tried running nTrack in a different compatibility mode?

I don’t believe it is N-track directly - maybe an issue with the audio card or its software? Can you try another card or even your motherboard’s card? You might try un-installing the sound card drivers you are using ( being as un-installing and reinstall of n did nothing to help)_

I use Audigy Platinum ex - Definately not the card.
It’s an excellent card in my opinion.
I also run WinXP. And I use the Creative ASIO driver.
It’s one of the best drivers I have ever used. 20msec no problems.
So look elsewhere.
What I’m saying is the combo of nTrack ver 5 or 6 with the
Creative Audigy Platinum and WinXP should work very well.
So try some more basic troubleshooting first.

The Audigy drivers can be a little tricky sometimes.
I would download this:


Install it and run it to remove ALL Creative drivers and such.
(Use the multilpe whatever in the program and put check marks
by ALL the Creative stuff)

Run it - that will remove anything 'Creative from your 'puter’
Then try reinstalling the Creative drivers from your install disk.

I’ve done this several times. And the program is solid.

This problem in my experience is caused by a number of things. First a power issue and or a PCI card failure as another and finally a virus. It’s caused by either a power failure to a component or the system is told to shut down via software/reg entry caused by a virus and or driver file corruption. Re-installing drivers is a good place to start. Follow 7of11’s advice is a good idea to ensure a clean install of the sound drivers. Beyond this move the sound card to another slot. Re-install n-track clean. It’s really a matter of the process of elimination. If the drivers don’t correct the problem, look at the hardware.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for all the suggestions.

I removed all creative drivers. Reinstalled everything. The newest Creative driver (SBAX_PCDRV_LB_2_18_0011) offers Windows 7 and 7.1 audio support. Basically, this did not work with the Audigy. The older driver for XP (SBAX_WBUP2_LB_2_09_0016) worked very well and the Audigy appears to be installed correctly (everything works).

Again, whenever I run n-Track (versions 5 and 6) with WDM or ASIO, the computer simply shuts down completely after a few seconds. I have tried many other programs (demos) including Reaper, Mixcraft, Ableton, Kristal, etc. They all work flawlessly.

I am really stumped. I want to stay with n_Track, but I have to wonder if there is a bug in the program that was introduced somewhere along the line. I submitted a support email about a week ago, but have not received a reply.

What else can I try?

a clean install of n-T?

Use the MME devices. I’ve found the creative asio and wdm devices to be incredibly flaky. They seem fine most of the time, then something happens and flooy. My trouble with them was on my work machine when running SoundForge. All other apps were happy, including n-Tracks.

Don’t rule out video drivers, or some other piece of hardware/driver being a potential culprit. My home machine was not happy with a creative card and a netcard after an upgrade. I had to switch positions of the cards in the PCI slots to work around that problem. It all worked fine before the upgrade.

To get WinXp to shut down, reboot or blue screen point back to kernel mode. That’s drivers. App that use those drivers get blamed because each app does things a little differently. One app can be happy and another gets slammed when doing almost the same things. Timing is critical and drivers can be very unforgiving.

The rule of thumb is that if a usermode app can cause a driver to go down then the bug is in the driver. Apps like n-Tracks and SoundForge are usermode apps.