Within nTrack audio to midi conversion

I am not looking for anything complicated here. I want to be able to do what this on-line conversion tool does, without having to go on-line to do it. That is, take a pre-recorded wav and convert it to midi. I know all the issues with mono v stereo, monophonic v polyphonic etc. I don’t need unflinching accuracy here, and I’m not looking to input live instruments and convert to midi on the fly. I’ll edit as needed once the midi file is created. I would like to do this within n without having to run a stand-alone app, as a vst or dx effect if necessary or within something already built-in to nTrack. Any ideas?

Why do you want to convert WAV to midi?
Normally we to the opposite

I want to be able to load a pre-recorded wav file, and using the wav file tempo and feel, be able to create midi tracks, for drums, keys, strings etc. Really at the core I need an accurate (to the wav) midi tempo file…I have messed with some apps but at this point I probably will actually listen to the wav and manually create a wav ‘click track’ or perhaps use a midi keyboard to do this. I thought for sure there would be a simple app for this but I might need to invest in Melodyne or Reaper as it doesn’t appear N has this capability…

Ahhh. Ok.
That’s simple.
Just play the WAV file.
While it’s playing, adjust the metronome until it fits…
You can also adjust the track from left to right so it fits in the timing.
It should take you around 2-3 minutes to do this.

Hope that helps

If you click on a track (it might be right click) at the bottom of the list of possibilities is Beat Doctor. You can use that to mark the beats by time or frequency, this is a help in adjusting tempo on tracks. Particularly if the tempo was not recorded to a click track. I never done this, but you could load up the midi track and then while playing record it to a audio track. Some audio interface will let you do the internally., or use a physical plug between the outdoing out to the tape- in. If you’re carefully withe the volume you can probable plug between the audio out and the mic in. The signal will be much stronger than from a mic so keep the volume down. But I’ve done that and it can work.