WoodStick 2006

a few pictures

I put up a few pictures from WoodStick. It was loud and a LOT of fun! WoodStick was an attempt to break the world record for drummers playing full drumsets at the same time. We succeeded with 533 drummers.


More info and some other pictures:

Sound files…I need sound files!!! :D

THAT is a whole S#$T LOAD o’ skin pounders! :D Congrats phoo!



That must have been a great event to attend.

So did you discover just how many drummers it takes to change a light bulb? :D


I have no sound files unfortunately. There might be some on the WoodStick blog (link for Donn Bennett’s site). There will be a DVD available pretty soon. The word BEDLAM comes to mind.

In all seriousness, drummers are so used to being the ONLY drummer around they generally never learn how to play well with other drummers, or learn how to follow a director. It was more together than I thought it would be, but that’s not saying much. Playing by ear was impossible because of the distance between all the players and from the stage.

Drummer don’t change light bulbs. They are contented to sit in the dark…and behind drumsets. :)

true “bang for the buck” goin on there :D


Darn, I wish I would have known about this.

It would have been a good place to stand with my “Drummer Wanted” sign! :;):

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

Wow, them’s a lot of drums…

What’s up with this?

You’re guess is as good as mine. There were quite a few lounge-jazz sets of this type, but this one had the HUGEST cymbals of any set bar-none. The seat had a kicker (don’t know what it’s actually called - anyone know?) attached, so the owner may use this as a trigger set normally. A kicker is a voicecoil that vibrates to the lows, so you cen feel it in your seat. Look at that blob at the back of the throne.

Looks like somebody took a set of Greenlee punches to his hi-hat too… do those holes “improve” the hi-hat sound? I’ve never seen that trick before. What does it sound like? ???

Curious D