Words unspoken

New song made with n

Hello again:
Just finished this tune called “We don’t say” and another called "Someday&4ever) Hope you’ll listen.
Thanx :)


Good tune (We don’t say). Honestly, the vocals bugged me. The whole thing with the lead vocs on the left and the BGVs on the right seemed to throw off the panning balance of the song a lot. Also, the vocals seemed to be working in a different space than the guitars. What I mean is, the guitars sounded completely dry, where the vocals had reverb on them. Or something. It sounded as if the instruments and the vocals seemed to be in different rooms. It threw me off, honestly. I liked the recording. all you need is a little more tweaking on the effects and to revamp your panning. Put the vocals in the center and pan your BVGs left and right. Put a slight chorus on a track and double it if you don’t have two BVG tracks. The volume balance on them is fine, so you wouldn’t need to change that.


Thanx for the review, I’ll give that a try.