Working path option is gone!

I can no longer set my working path! I used to be able to go to Settings | Preferences | Paths and I would get an option to browse and set the working path but, I only have options to Set the external Wave Editor, Soundcards mixer path, VST plug in folders and Mp3 settings. It’s gone! I uninstalled ver 9 and reinstalled it and no change. Help!
Thanks HJ

The way files are handled has changed in version 9.1.4. Now recorded wav files are always stored in the song folder. When you start a new song and then save it, the wav files are moved into the saved song’s folder. This makes it useless to set a working folder, which is now effectively the folder where you have saved, or will save, the song. Let me know if you have any questions on this.


Got it. Thank you so much!

Here’s my dilemma. I have an entire rehearsal night recorded. I want to open up the PracticeNight.wav file and separate each song and make a mp3 for each song that was played that night. (I’ve been doing this for years)

  1. Launch nTrack
  2. Import Audio file *.wav
  3. Save As (I save it to my preferred path) \Folder\Folder\PracticeNight.sng
  4. It creates a new folder named the same as my PracticeNight.sng and puts the PracticeNight.sng in there along with a new folder & subfolders in “Audio” and n-Track.db

At this point if I exit the program and launch it via clicking on my newly created.PracticeNight.sng. The program launches and opens up the PracticeNight.wav file that’s associated with the sng. This is good.

Next I edit the wav file by trimming a section of it out, and then save the remaining section as a Song1.mp3 like this File | Save As I give it a name and extension (Song1.mpg) [Save][Start]

I view it via Windows explorer and I can see my new file created in the same location as my PracticeNight.sng file. So far so good.

I close nTtrack

Next I want to trim a different section of the PracticeNight.wav file.
I launch nTtrack by going to the appropriate folder and clicking on the PracticeNight.sng
When nTrack opens up, it is populated with the last Song1.mp3 I saved, not the PracticeNight.wav file which is associated with the PracticeNight.sng?

If I try and open it up another way by clicking launching nTrack then on the File | PracticeNight.sng from the bottom of the file menu, it does the same thing, only gets my last Song1.mp3.
If I go File | New Song | File PracticeNight.sng, only gets my last Song1.mp3
If I go File | New Song | and click on my PracticeNight.snf from windows explorer, I still only get my last Song1.mp3. None of these options are good.

If I launch nTrack then File | New Song File | Import audio file and import the PracticeNight.wav then trim out what I don’t want, then File Save as, I have to drill down to find the folder I want to save it to. Not good.

I’d like to know how to do this simpler because, unless I’m missing something, the old way of manually setting the working file path worked perfectly, and was way simpler.

I’ve been using NTrack since . . . . 2000? May even have been earlier. I love the product but I may have to go back to an earlier version if I can’t find a fix.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,


I don’t think that n-Track is loading the mp3 file when you reload the sng file. It’s just that n-Track auto-saves each time you exit the app, so when you reopen the sng you’ll get back to how the song was before you exported to mp3. To get back to the non-edited state, you can use the undo command (n-Track now saves the undo states in the sng file) to go back to before you edited the original track.
Or you can use the File → Manage Song → ‘Restore song from snapshot’ command to restore a previous snapshot of the song (each time the song is auto-saved a snapshot is created with the old version).

To make it easier to handle use cases when your workflow would be better without auto-save, we’ve added an option to disable auto saving in 9.1.4 (which should be online next week as a beta).



Thanks for the reply. I’ll give this a try after I finish my projects. I reverted to an earlier version of v9.x to complete my projects. When they are done I’ll reinstall the newer version and give it another try using your suggestions. (I really miss the ability to manually set my working folder)