Wrong placement of the new track after processing effects

Hi all.

When I process a track, the new processed track is not placed at the same location of the original track. Usually 20 - 30 milisecs after.

I have tthis problem using all the processing options (Freeze, bounce, bounce and process, process or even using “mixindown song” and selecting a single track to process.)

Fortunately there is no lag problem when mixing the whole song. Only when processing individual tracks.

I´m running v9.1.4 Build 4071 (13/07/2021)

Can you help me?.

Hi again.

I have found the problem. Just want to share it in case it can help someone.

The problem is into the Master Channel effects. Two plugs from Izotope: Maximizer and Imager.

There is a conflict with NTS when processing / freezing / bouncing / mixing individual tracks. No matter if those effects are running or bypassed, the new track is not placed at the right position.

Bypass them doesn´t fix the problem. It´s necesary to remove them form the Master Channel effect.

Still have problem with the tracks sent to group bus.

When I mix the bus to process the effects, the new track is not placed at the same position as the original ones.

It is necesary to place it manually comparing the wave form of the new track with the originals.

Individual tracks are OK processed after removing izotope plugins from the master channel and mute the aux effect channels.

Do the iZotope plugins report a latency value in the effect properties box? n-Track compensates for plugins that add latency, however this doesn’t happen when offline processing tracks, so when using plugins with latency you may have to offset the tracks by the amount of the plugin latency after the offline processing.


Hi Flavio and thnx for the fast answer.

All Plugins (tracks and groups) show latency in the effect properties box. N-Track compesate it perfectly in live playing.

Izotope Plug-ins in master show 8 - 20 ms latency. Another plugs reach 40 ms but N-Track runs fine with all of them.

After removing the izotope effects in the Master Aux Channel, “Process and Bounce” works perfectly on individual tracks. The problem is now in the group tracks.

There are two ways to apply the effects on a Group Track using “Mixdown Song”.

  1. Mix the song and selecting the tracks to mixdown (in the Track to Mixdown box)
  2. mixing the whole song and clicking Solo in the concrete group track to render, so that only that group is actually being mixed.

In both ways I get the same delay in the position of the new group track mixed. The only one way that have to get the new mix track placed in the right position is removing many/all other tracks from the song.

It´s clear that the problem is related to the use of effects in the other group tracks. What I don´t undestand is why is this happening if the otrher group tracks are no being involved in the rendering.

Thnx Flavio.