WTF?? recording  stop randomly. HELP

1.4 pentium 4.
3/4 gig ram
scsi drive.
echo layla 3.

Up till a few days had no problems, well any that I could not figure out.

*But now recording seems to stop at random time
sometimes just 2 seconds after hitting record other time it stops 10 seconds short of a 6 min tune. stops at random times. WTF???

I tried reinstalling with older version bu tthe same crap.

I record V drums into two tracks , bass one , gtr one , vocal one.

have audio devices to use asio drivers.
everything sounds great otherwise.

you help is welcome.
thanks in advance.

I’ve had an echo layla 24/96 for years, and have always had a similar problem. the more tracks you record, the sooner it stops. It might be related to buffering settings. I’ve also noticed it seem to only occur with the ASIO drivers. Flavio’s never given me an solution, but with the latest builds and drivers, I’ve been able to record 16 tracks for well over the typical 6 min tune. kinda flaky most of the time though.

good luck

i can live with some of the bugs.
but in all honesty… screw “luck”
I mean WTF??
I need a product that works. A product that gets in the way instead of helping is not good.
Time to try something else.

try the wdm drivers out. asio is great for low latency monitoring, but you only need to do that through n with “live” effects. if you’re not using live input processing, you can just use the echo console to monitor the inputs.

Time vs. Money. If you’ve got the money, there’s plenty of stuff around that you can buy which doesn’t go thru the quick revisions that N goes through (and some of the inherent bugs that go with it). But for my money, a little patience with N goes a long way for $75.