x64 Edition - trying to run with User priv

Error I get - how to fix?

Just trying to run the x64 edition of the software (I have XP x64 Edition OS), and it runs great as administrator. I normally don’t run as Admin. When I try to run as normal user account, Trying to hit the Record button brings an error
"CFileWave::Open_w", with the text “Unable to Open the File”, and an OK box. I’ve already set the program directory to Modify privs for this account, and checked that the Paths are set for wave and song files to a directory where I have r/w access. Can you provide a tip of where it’s trying to open a file from? Or write a file to? It appears that it might be trying to write a wave file, from the looks of the dialog title and function, but I can’t tell where, and I’ve set the path options to a writeable folder.