Yamaha 01X and KUDOS TO FLAVIO!!

Controller preset in works for 01X

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to let all of you who are current Yamaha 01X users or who are considering the purchase of an 01X, or some other control-surface, that a controller preset is currently in the works to be added to n-Track. I think you should look seriously at the 01X if you haven’t, or if you had passed it by. I had long-standing misunderstanding of several key features of the 01X, and once I came to unerstand what it does I couldn’t see any other option.

The preset development project is only made possible by the wonderful support and time and effort of Flavio Antonioli who is working with me to develop the comprehensive preset for the 01X. The type of support he is offering doesn’t come at any price with other DAW software, and n-Track remains an absolute bargain, especially when you compare features. I know you all know this already if you are an n-Track user, but I just had to shout it out.

Th progress of the project can be found on the Wiki at: http://ntrack.com/wiki/index.php?title=01x. Let me know if you have any questions about the 01X or the project.

If you are in the market for an interface/DAW controller, you must check out the 01X. I am a detail fanatic, and I shopped and researched the market for 2 years before settling on the 01X. Search the forum for my nagging questions over the years. The 01X truly does what no other product does in its price-range, or even quite a ways over its price range. Not only do you get 10 channels of I/O (8 analog with mic pres, two digital), and a comprehensive motorized fader control-surface, but the 01X is also a full-featured 28-channel digital mixer with dedicated dynamics inserts and 4-band fully parametric eq on each channel. I’ve added to my rig a Yamaha i88x as well. Found the 01X used in perfect condition with all the trimmings and the i88x new for a total package price of about $1050 US. That’s the street price of a Tascam FW-1884, but for the same price I have 16 analog inputs (10 mic pres, 2 of which are super high quality with inserts, 4 of which have phantom power, and three of which are high-z switchable for direct guitar input, and 8 TRS inputs…two share with mic inputs), 12 analog outputs (8 TRS, 4 TS) two headphone outs, 4 channels of S/PDIF I/O, and 8 channels of ADAT I/O for a grand total of 28 inputs and 22 outputs at 24-bit! This does drop to 24 in and 18 out at 88.2 or 96kHz, and the mixer goes from 28 channels to 20 channels. Routing can be setup via a GUI patchbay, and the package comes with a suite of powerful plugins. I’ve been impressed by the quality and features. Can’t believe what I got for just over a grand especially after what I had been considering. Nothing else like it.

If you are in the boat I was trying to weigh options, let me know and I’ll be happy to share my thoughts as far as my process went.

With a comprehensive preset in the works for the 01X in n-Track, I feel the 01X/i88x/n-Track combo is the ultimate working musician’s/engineer’s rig, but relatively compromise free!

Thank you Flavio for a great product!

Hi sweet_beats:
We’re watching… :O :;):

Getting n-Track to work as a Corss-Platform, multi-track Editor is raising the “Bar” for the other Multi-Track programers…

I know they’re looking at you … Flavio.


So will it work with an 01V?


Yeah, Bill. Its exciting. Flavio seems committed to developing this aspect in a way that will make the 01X a very powerful control surface for n-Track. Any shortfall in comittment would only be a reflection that there are only 24 hours in a day. I respect and appreciate his support and expertise immensely. :D

Jim, great question!

I would think that the 01V uses the same MIDI communication protocol as the 01X…there are a number of other elements that are shared so…? Yamaha has been unfortunately sticky in sharing the protocol though. Falvio is trying to get Yamaha International to share the Midi spec which is contained in a Software Development Kit for which you have to lobby and convince them that you are needing it for legitemate purposes. Just plain silly if you ask me…

Do you have an 01V? I could send you a small test preset for faders and pans and we could see if it works…if we can get that far I’m sure we can translate other controls. I’ll look at the manual for the 01V and get familiar at least with the controls that are present on it. Let me know how you wouls like to proceed.

I do have an 01V in addition to my Tascam DM-24 (my primary recording desk). I am currently using my 01V for live performances and would probably not use it reguarly for controlling N-tracks (I like working with envelopes for dynamic adjustments and the on-screen faders are fine for static adjustments) but am curious and wouldn’t mind trying it out. The 01V is a much better live board than the DM-24 but the DM-24 sounds a bit better, has more channels, detects when you touch a fader and has transport controls. The 01V has a better control layout and is much easier to use when you are distracted by “real-time” concerns. The greater flexibility of the DM-24 gets in the way. The DM-24 also lacks EQ on the stereo output which is a deficiency for live work. Outboard EQ is another box to carry (even if you don’t mind the cost).



I’ll make a note to send you a basic preset in the next couple of days to try out. What is the best way to send that to you?