Yamaha GA-3212 Good or  Great?

I have a chance to pick up a ga-3212 yamaha mixer for a real good deal.
I found one on ebay also and here is a link to it.
Anyone out there have any thoughts about using it for a live recording console?
I think it is analog but I could be wrong.
All the jargon on the auction page is forign to me as I am just a drummer…
How would it compare to say a Mackie 16 in terms of sound quality.
Thanks in advance.

I purchased one of these about five years ago for my church and have been very, very pleased with it. It is an analog board, manufactured with surface mount technology (expensive repairs). Ours has worked flawlessly. I think it’s a very versatile board with many features for the money. You can read the entire manual here: GA 32/12 manual This should help you make an educated decision based on your needs. The one compliant I have is there is no light on each channel strip to indicate if the channel is active or not. A simple convenience that is lacking on this board. Hope this helps.