yamaha mg10/2 users...a question

yamaha mg10/2 users…a question

I just received one today and I have a quick question…

why does the ST level have to be up so that the C-R/Phones level will come up? if I zero the ST knob the CR/headphone knob, even when maxed out, farts a little bit of a signal…but with the ST up it’s fine…

I thought these would be separate volume controls…that the ST and CR outs would have their own separate controls…

this is from the product info:


Stereo, Control Room, Rec, and Headphone Outputs
In addition to the main L and R phone-jack stereo outputs, these versatile mixers also offer phone-jack control room, pin-jack recording, and stereo phonejack headphone outputs. You have plenty of outputs for a wide range of applications – monitoring, master recorder feed, etc.