YellowTools Software Question

Anyone use it? Worthwhile?

I recently came across this piece of free software and I’m wondering if it is worthwhile.


It looks impressive but it took me forever on DSL to download…its 2G.
I’ve downloaded but not installed it because it seems that running a program that huge would really drag the system.
Does anyone use it?
What do you think? Or, maybe someone would like to use it…its free…


Yep, tried it here Cliff, worked fine the first time I ran it, takes a rocket scientist degree to figure some of the GUI.

2nd time I booted up and ran it, CRASH! BSOD, locked up tighter than dicks hat band. System would not boot up afterwards, had to do the factory re-install. (Thank the Lord I do music back up to DVD’s)

It’s officially not on my machine now.

Did you ever figure out the problem? Conflicts, OS, Asio, etc…?

Glad I haven’t done anything with it yet - only downloaded the zip folders. I have a Vista machine which is supposed to be OK…now I am wondering…


HP Vista 64bt machine 4 gigs ram E-Mu 0404 soundcard using asio, didn’t even try to figure out what happened, yellow tools was the only thing added, afterwards I was too scared to try again.

I just read through a bunch of YellowTools stuff on the KVR site.
Not much in favor so I think I’ll pass on it.


Just D/L’d the PDF (Independence 2.0)
Have not read it yet, but seems you can do the
same thing (minus their samples) by
inserting Chainer as a VST, (even into N) then inserting
(any sampler) into
Chainer, like SFZ or Shortcircuit, followed by any VST effects
you want. (All for Free) That way you can do wav,sf2,Rex etc. and not limitted to Akai samples.

I use Short Circuit. I guess I was mostly interested in getting the 2G worth of sounds in Yellowtools. Don’t really know why since I have plenty of sounds that I am pretty satisfied with. Probably just looking for the “perfect” ones which, of course, you only get by playing the real thing.

I’m probably passing on the YellowTools stuff. A lot of talk on the KVR site about iLOK, CP’s and wibu or something which has made me paranoid. There’s nothing worse than “gumming” things up.


Far as I can tell - the DEMO looks pretty good.
I’m always looking for good samples too.
Lately, I’m into layering samples. Sometimes a sample
by itself doesn’t do it for me. But layer it with
another and suddenly I’m saying ‘that’s pretty neat’.
And Independence seems pretty good in that department.
When I say sample - it’s really an 'instrument’
Also, I’m re-discovering SoundFonts. Although you can’t
manipulate them as much, some are pretty awsome.
Plus you can make your own multisample multilayer instruments.
Right now I’m trying to soundfont my guitar, because
as you know, there are some inversions that are just physically
impossible to play on guitar.- Unless you’re John McLaughlin.
Sometimes it hits me again - The possibilities with digital
music are endless.

Thanks for the link Cliff! I have been downloading since before lunch… I’ve kept my office locked, been hiding in the plant from the I.T. dooooods… “Hey!?! What’s up with all our network bandwidth???” :laugh:

I’ll check it out and see what SMOKES and what fizzles…

Thanks again,


PS Still got 160MB to go across two files. I.T. dooods are gonna kill me…

Well… dagnabbit! I ran off and left my laptop at work with the gazillion kilobyte download(s)… ARRRGH! Maybe I’ll have a chance to run over and fetch it tomorrow. I HATE going in on the weekends though because invariably someone will see me go “Hey? Quick question…” Yeah riiiggghhhttt…

We’ll see. Again, thanks for the heads-up!



It sure is nice to work for an outfit that’s got a Hi-Speed connection…
When I worked at the university way back when…
If we did and got into something that may possibility be looked down on/at… and… outside the realm of day-to-day activities…

Our saying was…
I’m working on a Chinese Government Job…

Remember now…
That was way back in the early/early '60’s…

That was supposed to make it acceptable and alright to spend time on…


I grew old DL-ing that stuff…now I don’t know if Ima gonna use it or not…

still undecided…Like I said I read around and it seems there were more bad comments than good…but, that could just be reflective of website society.


When I did run it the first/last time Cliff, the samples weren’t that good in comparison to the Proteus.

Just my opinion,

I could be wrong tho.

Yaz…it was your experience with Yellowtools that prompted me to check it out a little more. Thats when I started reading some unfavorable stuff (on KVR). I don’t need anymore gum in the works as I am still a little perplexed at the Proteus pgm and the weird things it does sometimes…but, yeah, it does have some good sounds.

I don’t know if D is gonna try it (yellowtools) out or not…

Thanks for the info



I don't know if D is gonna try it (yellowtools) out or not...

Hang in there Cliff. I finally have all the files at home on DVD. Maybe I'll have a chance to toy with it soon! :agree:

TG (D's out of body experience)

I’m gonna go get it… got a fast pipe at work and the demos sound very very good… I will toy with it and report back.…owTools

This post I’ve linked above is over a year old, but Marce and Mac gave it pretty decent reviews, as did a recent issue of Computer Music (a great UK magazine). I think it’s pretty great, and use it without issue - but I’ve not tried it with n-Track.

But for reeeeally, it’s definitely worth trying out.

You know… just last night I was in the music/computer room checking emails and saw that DVD with the downloads on it lying there… There just ain’t enough hours in a day man… sigh


Quote: (Dubious @ Oct. 16 2008, 8:59 AM)

You know... just last night I was in the music/computer room checking emails and saw that DVD with the downloads on it lying there... There just ain't enough hours in a day man... *sigh*


Tryyyyy it! I'm pretty sure you've been Reaped, so it should work "swimmingly". I'm not even sure if I used that word in the right context.

Hahaha, nice avatar. I'm assuming that n-Track is working "drowningly" at the moment. Sadness!