Yet another useless song.


I started to write “The Q-Q” but something else came out, but I still got a reference to Q in the last line. “The Source” here:

The Source

It kicks, Tom. Could use backing vocals on the chorus, but that’s always problematic, isn’t it?

What is your set-up? You play guitar, right? How do you generate the other instrumentation? Are the drums the infamous “n-Track Drums” that I hear so much about but have yet to use (being stuck back in Version 2.2)?

What I do is play a guitar and vocal track to a click, then go back and play the kick and snare into midi using samples from wherever, in this case from my rogers garage sale set, then quantize thsoe samples, then move them as needed in front or behind the groove. I then play the cymbals and toms live on top of that (in this case through an OH pair of EV Cardinal mics), and then bass (in this case a J bass DI through a presonus preamp) and keyboards and guitars and vocals. In the case of this song, I just played the 12 string through the carr mercury through a 421 to a click, then added bass and cymbals and an organ part, all live not midi, and vocal, such as it is. That’s all there is here, something an actual 4 piece could play live. Most of the keyboard sounds I use are from various softsynths played live using a laptop - in this case the rumplerausch (however that’s spelled) organ, - although I’ve really been having fun lately with the wurlizer farfisa clone I got last summer. And a casio SK1 I found at goodwill a couple of months ago. Talk about lofi digital…

So, actually, it’s all me playing, with midi quantizing help on kick and snare. I have tried to actually play the whole kit live, but I sort of suck. :D

What I like about all of this is I can write and record a song in a couple of hours - this one took just about 2 hours to write and record. I’m not exactly picky about good playing or anything. I just like to get it out and move along. That’s all I have time for. That and hanging around here when I should be working. :)

Thanks for listening , Bill!


Send me the vocal track - MP3 is okay; WMA is better - and let me mess around with some vocals for the chorus. Tell me your preferences, too - male v female; upper v lower - that sort of thing. I’m just starting to experiment with this and it’s fun to mess with.

My email (altered in an obvious way to prevent harvesting) - bill.clarke(at)


PS - If you check the “Forever And A Day” thread you’ll find that I’ve cheated - having re-mixed the track with some vocal ‘chorusing’ that didn’t exist in the original file. Like I said, I’m just starting to experiment with this but I like it!!!.

Heck, if you are going to go to that much trouble, I’ll send the raw tracks on a CDR. They are entertaining at least - or is laughable the word? :D

Yes, the vocals on the remix of your track stand out a lot better now - somehow more life in them. Let’s hear it for studio toys. :)

I’m sorry, Tom - in re-reading my post I realize how presumptuous I was being. There’s nothing I can contribute to your track that you couldn’t do yourself as least as well and probably better. In my defence, it was borne of a genuine enthusiasm for your work - you’re prolific and talented.

Hm? I took everything you said as totally complimentary. Which is more than my stuff deserves. :D

Quote (TomS @ Mar. 31 2007,08:47)
Hm? I took everything you said as totally complimentary. Which is more than my stuff deserves. :D

Well, at its core, it was meant to be complimentary. Because both your stuff and you deserve it to be so.

Well, then. I’m sending you the files! You asked for them! NOW YOU WILL SUFFER! :D