You asked for it

You got it

Hope this is the first of many great posts to help folks make better music.

Grazie, Flavio

If you simply drop the towells to the floor and step on them, then skate around a little you won’t have to bend to clean the water off of the floor.
This will get you back to your nTrack much faster! Bachelor tip :wink: Don’t let your wives catch ya doin that!

Excellent addition PW - thanks very much. :agree: :agree: :agree:

Great idea!! :agree:

I think it could use an “odd ball” section…you know, how to use tissue paper and a box of crayons to get the snare sound on “It Drives me Crazy.”

Tho’ maybe that is the “tricks” part…

Anyway…“Yay! more stuff to look at!” :)

Good one Poppa! Already some useful stuff here :agree:

Allo garçons! Se rappeler de maintenir vos collants lâ :agree:

Uh - what was that about your colon, Levi?


Uh - what was that about your colon, Levi?

Seeing as it's in "Tips & Tricks", I'm not sure I wanna know. :laugh:


All You Amedicans..

That '70's Sitcom Show..
Red was trying to teach
What's-his-name ???? .. The Mexican kid..

how to pronounce "American" That was a great sitcom.. hehe