4.0.5 sucks even worse than earlier versions!!!

OK I tried 4.0.5. Here’s my assessment. In under 5 minutes, it crashed twice (once when scanning for VSTs, and once when I exited the program) and it also caused my computer to blue-screen a few minutes after exiting. Furthermore, the damned installation of 4.0.5 caused all my Netscape Navigator bookmarks to disappear (nice trick, wonder how they managed to do that and what else might be screwed up on my machine now??). This issue might have been associated with the MicroSht .NET (should be .CRP) installation required for 4.0.5. Thanks again, worthless MicroSht and nTrack. Am I bitter? Indeed!!! Use this nTrack crp at your own risk.

Sorry if I seem to be in a bad mood…but I am. 'Nuff said about that. It’s not because of n-Tracks.

That said, do something useful and click this link and start typing. You’ll get a better respose and maybe some satisfactory results.

Now, I’m off to work to get away from it all.

Quote (JohnnyRock @ May 06 2005,10:59)
Use this nTrack cr*p at your own risk.

Thank you. I will and I do. It works great for me and many other happy n-Trackers. :)


Momma always said that you can attract more flies with honey than with vineger… In other words, chill out a bit and drop Flavio and email expaining you situation in as much logical detail as you can muster. :cool:

In this thread you describe these same symptoms. Did you contact Flavio? Do you have the latest Ozone drivers? Have you tried drivers other than the ASIo driver? Are you sure you aren’t having issues with your USB controller/chipset drivers or video card drivers? Have you checked your VSTScan log to see which VST is bombing out? You have lot’s of things that could be going wrong and I don’t think n-track is one of them.

Bad mood huh? Yeah me too. Tried the “honey” approach. Didn’t work so now I’m trying the vinegar. Tried emailing Flavio numerous times, no response. I’m sick of this cr*ppy software and support. Yes I have the latest everything. My drivers, (Ozone, audio, and video) are the most recent and work fine in all other software. My USB devices andVSTs also work flawlessly in other programs. The problem is nTrack!!! I didn’t expect much sympathy here, just wanted to let people know that there are serious issues with nTrack. I stand by the fact that 4.0.5 is worse because it screwed up my links in Netscape. If you’re in the minority and nTrack works for you, great. Unfortunately, it’s worth less than nothing since it causes blue screens for me, so I’m done with it.

What kind of blue screens? Do you have the stop errors? Blue screen just reeks of drivers to me is all. That and I am stubborn and like to see things work. I have had n for almost 7 years and it has worked on every setup I have put it on, so I know it can work and can be stable.

If you’re getting bluescreens, then N is definitely not your problem. It’s a driver issue…

While it’s true that if Johnnyrock had a more positive attitude he might get better support, nonetheless, I think he does have a valid point.

I’m perfectly happy with 3.3, but I have been following the threads about the various versions of 4, and let’s be honest guys, lots of people do seem to have problems.

New builds seem to come out almost every day, and while that says a lot for Flavio and his responsiveness to his users, it still makes you think.

OK, if you’re aware of the fact that each new build is effectively a Beta release, then that’s OK, you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

But I suspect that for many new users who download the latest upgrade, they expect an “improvement” on what they have.

But it seems they are often disappointed.

And even the “stable release versions” aren’t always as stable as one might hope.

I’m not trying to diss Flavio or n-track here, just trying to see the other side of the argument.

Good ole’ 3.3 1516 has its bad moments too when it just appears to get tired, and falls over.

I prefer using n-track to Cubase SX2. Not only is n-track more intuitive and friendly, but I just like it better.

But I don’t trust it as much.


Good point Ali-dude. However to me, there is no argument. JohnnyRocks setup has problems. Maybe it is n-Track, maybe not. I have been using n since 3.0 something or other. Patience, good troubleshooting, this forum and Flavio have ALWAYS got my system running smooth. Having gotten that drivel out of the way…

JR, have you tried another soundcard such as your systems built-in card? Sometimes that is a big help in finding the culprit if you can get n-Track working on a basic AC97 based card or SoundBlaster card. USB, especially USB 1.1 is VERY finicky for audio use. My son has a Tascam US-122 that works pretty well, but the buffers HAVE to be maxed to get clean playback when running effects. Using LIVE in n-Track? No way. I never could get it to work glitch free. Even on a FAST 3.2ghz, P4, 1GB RAM laptop system. Personally, I think USB 1.1 at 24/48 may be fine for 2 channel playback and recording but try to push it much farther and skkricckkk!!


Quote (gtr4him @ May 06 2005,15:18)

Man ! All these technical terms can drive a poor hack nuts :laugh:

:D :D :D :D


Hi JohnnyRock,
First off all, I’m not sure if do you want to try help us in order to understand the problem and maybe help you to solve or you’ve just decided not to use N anymore.
Anyway, at download page you can find the 4.04 version that doesn’t use .NET framework.
Did you have problems with this version?

Johnny, you are obviously having problems with your system.


Format your drive(s). Reinstall EVERYTHING (and don’t install ANYTHING that isn’t legal).

Then give us a call back. No problems here (but then I’ve been doing this computer stuff a long time)…

By blue screen, I mean my computer violently presents a blue screen, forcing a reboot and a recommended disk consistency check which takes around 10 minutes. There is nothing wrong with my sound system. I’m not using the internal soundcard at all. My setup (including USB) works with other software. If I have something wrong with my setup then why does everything other than nTrack work??? I appreciate the suggestion of backing up everything and re-installing everything, but frankly that’s just nuts!! I’m not about to waste days or weeks getting my system back to the point I’m at now, when the only thing that’s broken is nTrack. I also appreciate the suggestion of using 4.0.4 without .NET, but actually I had already tried that and had almost just as many problems with it.

What do you mean by “other software” works fine?

And I guess it comes down to makako’s question - Do you want to try and get n-track working or have you just decided not to use it anymore?

If it’s the first then you need to try and provide us with a bit more details on your setup and troubleshooting steps.
Most people on this forum that have problems getting n-Track to wrok get it working with a bit of help from this forum and by doing some reading on what the best way to setup their system is.

If it’s the second, then stop wasting your time here and go get the other software working and start making some music. :)

To say things like “There is nothing wrong with my sound system” doesn’t help at all…
Just because you can playback in winamp (or any audio app) doesn’t mean another audio app will work. You may be using different drivers in different apps (I use WDM for Winamp and ASIO for n-Track as an example).


Johnny, I am with Rich on this. If you are looking for answers, you should let us know your setup including OS. On the 6 computers I use (all different configs) I have never had a blue screen period. They all use Win XP and AMD CPUs ( those are the only similarities). I aslo am quite sure that you are not getting a BSOD because of N-Track. It sounds like you have some sort of driver problem or even a corrupted file that N-Track makes use of when it runs. That would explain why you don’t have the problem other times. If this is the case, then N-Track is just pointing out that there is a problem with your system.

If on the other hand you would just like to not ever use N-Track and you are just blowing off steam, thats ok. But you really do not need to come here just to tell us that you hate N-Track. This is a help forum and we are here to help, not take abuse.

Take care,


Very Well Said Doc! :D

Hi Johnny,
Simply put, ntrack purrrs like a kitten and rocks like the Filmore!
I was having problems like you are, a couple months ago. I finally pulled out a registry mechanic, scaned and repaired my registry and that stoped the blue screens. Then I got to work on start up items. I thought that it was ntrack too but it wasn’t.
Do a reg clean, then use msconfig to choose selective startup, load system services, and use the original Boot.ini
That should relieve some stress and let you see ntrack for what it is, a sleek and smooth’movin hot rod of a recording studio.