A song I mixed for my sons band...

not my cup o’ tea but I tried…

LINK Click on Audio and ‘Iron Lung Pt. 2’ (Don’t ask…)

Lemme know what you think…



Well I thought, being a smoker it was quite appropriate that I should go listen :D

It has confirmed my suspicion that I’m a lot older than I like to think I am.
Quite honestly, I didn’t understand a single word :laugh:

I thought you did a good job with the mix D. I could hear the drummers sweat hitting the floor :D

How did you get the vocals to sound like that?
Or is it some kind of attachment that the vocalist wears :O


Wow, not bad! I really liked the music, and think the mix is quite good. Perhaps the bass is a little to loud, but that may be due to my crappy listening conditions for the moment…

Thanks fellas…

I had a hunch the bass was a little too loud. I whipped that mix out using my headphones. I knew better… Even though they are Sennheiser HD980 Pro’s with FR flat as a pancake, you cannot make good mix decisions using them. Well, I can’t! Especially the low end.

Every place I posted the link, guys have come back with “What are the lyrics? What are they saying?” :D I’m trying to get my boy to write 'em down for me because I sure as heck can’t tell what they are either!


Nice mix TG. Are they Democrats?

:D :D

No. They’re too young and smart for that kind of junk!

What do you think of the bass? Too much?


Hey D - this reminds me of the some of the recordings that my son and I did a couple of years back. The genre was/is pretty popular around here. The song has some nice hooks, and the recording is really clean.

Lots of the bands around here that are working the genre use double kick drums and emphasize the drums and bass a lot. On my monitors, the bass guitar seems about right in comparison to the guitar. The kick drum has a LOT of very low frequency but I like the way that it is recorded – it’s just a little too loud. If you bring it down, I think that the vocal might then be a little too loud too.

Kudos to your son’s band. A very good performance. How did you do the ending? I like that touch.



How did you do the ending? I like that touch.

Well… sshhh… I didn’t mention it before but this tune was done in Reaper not n-Track. :O

Reaper allows you to draw an envelope to control playback speed. Instead of just fading them out on that last sustaining chord, I slowed it down and faded out. I thought it was cool. Maybe cheesy if used too much…


Yeah I see you on the Reaper forum when I’m lurking over there.

My son Shea and I (well really mostly Shea) were recording a song during the Christmas holidays. He started in Sonar, but when he got to about 20 tracks (with a fair number of effects and with Reason running under Rewire), Sonar choked. It was impossible to go any further. N-track couldn’t handle it either. We moved the whole thing over to Reaper (major PITA) and voila, we were able to handle 34 tracks with plugins and Reason running (same computer). Basically, Reaper saved the day. Now, my loyalties are torn between my old standby, N-track, and Reaper.


How do they get their fingers to go that fast? ???

I like the bass where it is.

Why does the signer growl with a British accent?


Why does the signer growl with a British accent?

LOL! I don’t know Tom. How can you tell amongst all that? :p


Overall, this mix is quite good. It doesn’t sound as polished as the other tracks on your site, but that is kind of the point for this style of music. I could hear all of the instruments and it sounded quite balanced. As always, you’re a bit limited by the quality of the original tracks you have to work with (for instance, the guitar’s tone/distortion level will make it hard to fit into the mix. But how can yo uconvince a guitar player to mess with HIS TONE to get a good recording!!!) If there is anything left to do in the mix, it might be to thicken the vox. If you had infinite time, it would be great to have the singer retrack the whole lyric several times… LOL :p

I have one idea that you could use to thicken the vox. Take the original vox and run it through a distortion plugin and mix it in under the main vox with a little bit of chorus or flange. The chorus/flange should be almost completely imperceptible as listeners this kind of raw music would probably give you a beat-down for adding efx and making the mix sound overproduced. :angry:

In this case, the distortion plugin should probably sound very scratchy (i.e. not your typical tube sound), maybe something as “annoying” as the distortion you get with the Fraser Stewart’s FS_Comp with the output stage in “tube” mode. To get the best EQ out of the process, maybe pump up the mids (800Hz?) before the plugin and trim off the highs after the plugin (above 2.5k). This should keep the power and get rid of the “reedy” or “thin” or “breathy” sound that distorted vox can bring.

So, this is the second time I’ve tried to listen to this track and again it’s taking forever. I’ve listened to your other tracks on that same board (really like what you’re doing with EZ btw) - and no problem. Is this one just a really big file size or something? All confused…

Dunno what’s up hotdog… Motagator is usually pretty peppy. ???

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner… been busy and missed this. Hopefully you have been able to listen by now… It’s not a huge file or anything, so I don’t know…


Bass sounds fine.
Singer is reminiscent of In Flames or Children of Bodom.

Nice mix… I think ???

Yup, heard it now. Must have been something between me and the Motogator those last couple of times.

I thought the mix sounded good. Bass sounded to be at a good level through my speakers, though I’m not using the best ones. Pretty cool effect on the end there too - an apt ending for that song!

This is a little heavier than what I listen to mostly, but I see it went to #1 on the Motogator charts.

Here are the lyrics if anybody was wondering…


These words are purpose driven (I think the singer subs ‘filled’ for driven…)
but always falling on deaf ears.

Our lives are all heaven sent
but we have all lost our vision.

No one hears
No one cares

This is all so deluded

No one sees
No one lifts a hand

This has become so polluted

We were so angry,
we were all so full of hate.
Are we so blind that we can’t see
to change the world is our destiny?

Let’s walk our talk outside of these doors
operate in love and change the world.

There is so much more to this life than hardcore


Hi guys,

“Iron Lung” (part 1) is up at Motagator.


Lemme know…


Edit: Lyrics…


All this screaming and yelling is all for show, echoing through the walls of our souls
This can’t be the truth in sound that means so much to me
It’s bouncing back and forth in this hollow shell of a community
It’s eating at me, it’s knotting up my insides
It’s torturing my mind, all this time i’ve just been blind leading the blind
Why do i scream at the top of my lungs
to translate my heart into this?
It falls in line with a familiar sound, and that’s all you really care about
and I can’t get this out of my head
and off of my chest
I’m running, running
running out of breath
I can’t get this out of my mind
am i wasting away my life?
Expecting and waiting… believing that this will heal with time
This is the heartbeat of the times
so slow
so persistent
barely pumping
but in existence

They sound pretty pissed off at the world. Makes me want to go jump of the nearest tall building!