Any BFD Drum users out there?

Got some tips and information.

Anybody? :whistle:


I am trying to be, I just bought the eco at 29 usa dollars, but I keep getting install crashes. I sent them an email with the crash report.

Whats your OS Tom?


W7, on my HP intel dual core laptop.

Run the .exe for the setup as administrator, and see if that cures it. CD drive might not be working up to snuff too, so let me know.


I was using the downloaded version. I ran as admin. :(

keep my posted, I’m stumped.


Yep, me too, just call me Stumpy the Postman. :laugh: I can’t remember the last time I had trouble installing a VSTi. I am certainly doing something stupid.

Anyway, what are the tips and info? Partly, I wanted to get BFD b/c groovemonkee supports that format. I like the groovemonkee grooves.

Quote: (TomS @ Sep. 05 2011, 1:07 PM)

I was using the downloaded version.
I ran as admin.

There's a download version?

Please post the linky link. Please.

The only place I could find it said it was not downloadable. Retail box only. The only place selling the box in this part of the world wants $169NZ.... which is around $150US !!!!

Download.... download.... download : -)

cheap for the cut down version.

Recently I’ve been watching lessons on how to use an EQ properly (not that I don’t how to use it but how manage the spectra graphs, what HZ should be boosted or dropped for various instruments ect ect). Some of these lessons include mixing drums and bass. For a while I been researching how to use BFD in a format in which I could make tracks for each individual kit instrument. This however was exceedingly difficult, I could only manage to make a stereo track of my drums. This worked OK but I just don’t have the control over the audio of the drums that I would get if I had a 9 piece kit, with 9 separate tracks, one track per instrument. This would allow fine EQ tuning of each kit piece, the same type of control one might see if you were in a studio with a real drum kits, mics on each kit piece.

Granted when using the BFD VST as an instrument in n-Track you can assign each kit piece to (you’ll notice this when you load it in n-Track) a number of Synth Channels which you can configure in mono in BFD, this gives partial control over each kit piece but this function can also be done with the BFD VST itself too such as EQ, pan, reverb ect ect… Nevertheless the output will be the same, a stereo track sent to the master channel.

Getting BFD to create separate tracks for each kit piece:
There are two methods you can use BFD, stand alone or as a VST in n-Track. I’ve used the stand alone for years but again I get only a stereo track. Using the mute feature you can record one kit piece at a time but the problem however is, how to trigger the standalone version so each kit piece starts at the same time so you end up with a good sounding drum song. Since BFD supports MIDI it should have been a no brainier, simply start n-Track and then use the assigned MIDI key to start BFD, However this method presented problems, although I could get BFD to start using a MIDI key on my keyboard, n-Track would not see the MIDI device i was using. I tried various combinations using the Behringer BFC200 with my keyboard which supports chaining MIDI devices with several USB modes but again this method was not possible.

So the stand alone version is out and so the VST version was next. At first I couldn’t even get the VST to record and even then it would create only a MIDI track. This next method is if you have a creative sound card but similar methods might work for you. In my windows sound control panel, under the heading of recording is a box called “What you here”. If I select “Wave” like I normally do with the BFD stand alone the VST will not record, it simply records 2 empty audio tracks, the ones I armed and a MIDI track that shows some data it recorded from the VST, however if I select “What you here” and “Live” is enabled in n-Track I was able to record to the 2 armed tracks, great. But it also creates a MIDI track. Also if “Monitor live input is selected” in the arming section of your track, it will feedback like crazy if the “Live” button is on.

So here’s how it done with “What you hear” selected in the windows record panel using a creative sound card. Start n-Track. Load BFD as an instrument, load kit, create your groove till you like it (yes I use Groove Monkey and love it). Step #1 Make sure the “Live” button is on, (Top center of your screen). Create an audio track and arm it, be sure “monitor live input” is not selected in the arming section, failure to do so will result in a runaway feedback. From the BFD VST mute all the instruments leaving only 1 on (Like the kick drum for example) Hit the record, (BFD will start automatically) button and allow your groove to play all the way through. You’ll end up with a single track, in this case the kick drum, and a MIDI track. Delete the MIDI track. Now you have a single track, (wave file) with your kick drum on it. Now mute the track you just created. Hit rewind to start position.

Repeat Step#1 for each kit piece making sure to mute all the kit pieces except the one you want to record, this includes muting the track/tracks you just created. In the end you end up with 9 individual tracks (if thats the number of kit pieces being used) all in perfect time.

Ultimately it would be better if BFD and n-Track simply create individual tracks for each kit piece when it records then I wouldn’t have to go through all this but I don’t think it’s possible to do so unless your ASIO driver can support 9 to 12 inputs from an internal source. For now, this is a working method and I will explore some more to see if I can get it to work, meaning getting n-Track to record all the kit pieces to individual tracks all at once.


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cheap for the cut down version.

Thank you :-)


"At this time cannot accept International paypal orders."

I count as international too, had to use a regular card. :(

Paco, that’s good stuff, I hope someday I can use it. :)

Quote: (TomS @ Sep. 06 2011, 10:00 AM)

I count as international too, had to use a regular card.

I thought they were in the States. How come you're considered "international" Tom?

Aren’t they in the UK?
I may be confused.

Edit: nope, they are in California. Yet, even given this, I too had the anti-paypal message. Curious…

I use BFD and BFD2 all the time on damn near everything. What’s the question?

Quote: (TomS @ Sep. 06 2011, 1:45 PM)

Aren't they in the UK?
I may be confused.

Edit: nope, they are in California.
Yet, even given this, I too had the anti-paypal message.

Paid by card. How long did your order take to process before they sent out the serial number Tom?