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Hey guys, just a really quick update and a link to some photos (I’m shattered, back is killing from sitting in the same position for days, and my fingers are almost bleeding with embedded string imprints that are more prominent that Homers bum imprint in his couch!..)


We have managed to get three guitar tracks done but have only got rough guide vox on them as my voice is still not back after having a bout of flu and I’m just praying for their return next week. We can make do without this week as we get the guitar tracks down but I need my voice back (it is on the mend) in tip top condition by Monday… prayer please guys!

P.S. this studio is awesome! Olly is superb, professional and soooo easy to work with. He has the patience of a saint and really knows what he is doing, singing from the same hymn sheet as me the whole way too… I have to keep pinching myself just to make sure that something this awesome could really be happening!


Pat your self on the back. You’re there because you deserve to be.

Surgical spirit should help with the ‘Homers’ :laugh:


Your voice will get better. Don’t press it. Let it happen.

All those toys mounted in those racks are impressive…
I like the 2" tape deck…

I approve…

The studio is O.K.



I’m soooooooooooooooo tired!

we’ve been working flat out, my vocals are back :;): and we have now finished 13 guitar tracks and 3 songs now have full vocal and harmonies, we nearly finished another vocal today on one of the hardest songs with loads of harmonies…it is all sounding awesome! I can’t believe this stuff is coming out of me! crystal clear and emotive vocals, guitar tracks that are not scratchy and fumbled…Like…I may actually pull this off!

Great studio!
Who’s the cute girl in the chair? How does this studios rates compare to the last studio?

Thanks for the reply…
I was almost gonna bump the topic and ask the question…
Where are you ?? ????

I sense that you are somewhat fatigued…
That’s good… That means… You left your backside in front of that mic…
It sure would be nice to hear a tease of those vocal harmonies…


EH ????


Sing Ange. Sing.

Also, what is this piece of equipment?

I think that is the remote locator/deck controller for the 2" tape dack…


Yup - thanks Bill. Sony APR 24?

nice Deck. :) :laugh:

It looks like a realy nice place to work in. Sorry, Ange, I’m a tad behind on the story. When does the album go public?

Quote: (sevenOfeleven @ Oct. 22 2009, 7:46 AM)

Sing Ange. Sing.

ON the route of the 19 bus!

I especially like the patented yellow and black B-sound baffle.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:


(sevenOfeleven @ Oct. 22 2009, 7:46 AM)

Sing Ange. Sing.


ON the route of the 19 bus!

Remembering the last time I got stung by a bee.
Driving a golf cart in the TX summer heat and a bee flew into my shorts.
All of a sudden he started stinging me on my seat.
To make a long story short, people in their houses along the cart path where amused by this guy driving bye while in a standing position.
Haulin ass for the house to drop my drawers.
Every time I applied pressure to the wrong area he stung me again.
When I finally got to the house and took off my shorts he flew out on his own, where I promptly put him out of his misery. I was stung at least 3 times.

“How’d you get so rude and reckless?
Don’t you be so crude and a feckless
You been drinking brew for breakfast
Rudie can’t fail”



Somehow, we gotta get Ange and Rob to report in here…

An update is-in-order…


[EDIT] quote… “ON the route of the 19 bus!” ???? <<< But I missed it…

That’s not too hard for me to-do…