Favorite David Crosby songs

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I probably still have that album but I cannot remember “Cold Rain”. I am assuming it’s a Cros tune?

My other favorites: Carry Me, Page 43, Deja Vu, Almost Cut My Hair - to name only a few.

Strangely, I have no favorite DC songs. Not sure what that means?

cold rain is on the csn album, same as anything at all, just a song before i go, et al.
not sure if crosby specifically wrote it though.

my favorite (at least right now) is probably 49 bye-byes, off the first album.
you can hear it here:

cold rain was just piano and voices: “cold rain down on my face…i am heading home…

49-bye-byes is not a Cros tune (I think it’s a Stills song). As I said, Anything At All is a fav.

TomS - sounds like you don’t really like Cros.

I, on the other hand, really like his music (although I haven’t been following him lately).

i never paid attention to which one wrote which.

Cold Rain I think was Graham Nash.

My Fav Crosby tune, The Delta, off the Daylight Again LP. (I think that was the correct LP)

I’m sorry - my original comment should have been directed to Yaz, not John Doe. In any event, I always pay attention to the songwriter in conjunction with the song. As a songwriter myself, that’s the most interesting part to me.

Always liked ‘The Lee Shore’

Right - great song. BTW - Cros is selling the boat that probably inspired many of those songs - http://www.luxist.com/2009… Some great pic’s here.

BY FAR…Everything on this…


What a beautiful boat. It’d be great to have the means to spend the rest of my days sailing a boat like that around the world.

D - born too far from the sea…


born too far from the sea

Song title alert!!

phoo - you are a hard-core Cros fan if you like everything on If I Could Only Remember My Name. I mean - I like the album a lot but I am a hard core fan too, and there’s some eclectic stuff on that album.

Pretty much everything he’s done while with anyone or any other band is covered in some way on that album.

I can listen to Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves) over and over.

I was a huge Jefferson Airplane fan (Crown of Creation, which had a David Crosby song on it – Triad) back when he put that album out. The back up musicians on there is a JA, Grateful Dead who’s who…this was the Grateful Dead before the stereo-type Dead of slightly later years.

Yet, THE THING is David Crosby’s voice combined with acoustic instruments that REALLY tickles my music bone.

He’s done some maybe better individual songs here and there, but that album as a whole just does it for me. It’s hard to pick “a song”.

The only David Crosby album I ever owned was one he did with Graham Nash, and Immigration Man is really the only thing I still remember from it.

Right - that was their first album as Cros/Nash and it’s agreat album. It has Page 43, one of my all time favorite David Crosby songs.

I’m obviously going to have to revisit Page 43.


Yeah, a really good song. It has more meaning to me now, I think, than it did 30+ years ago. :agree: