Fender VS. Gibson

Your preference and why…

Go… :)

Peavey Wolfgang :p

Best of both worlds :)


Fender - sings like a church choir

Gibson - sings like Janis

Fender - long scale keeps my klutzy fingers from tripping over each other

Gibson - short scale makes for easy reaches

Fender - hard to destroy

Gibson - somewhat fragile headstocks and neck/body joint areas on some models

Fender - the classic style trem

Gibson - the easy bends

Fender - the Fender feel

Gibson - the Gibson feel

They’s both REAL


Pearl Export Custom guys.
Yes, it’s a guitar…

Pearl Export Custom - Guitar

forgive my ignorance but does fender vs gibson mean strat vs les paul? I think it should be tele vs sg. I love sg’s even though i’m not much of a guitarist, mainly the feel, but I love the look.

One of my friends has a G&L, #### that’s a nice guitar, I’d take that over most les pauls.

If we are talking bass guitars, fender hands down between those two choices.

I can’t say beaver ####? Dammit!

If you are a one guitar owner, this question becomes relevant. If you are a pro then it is mute. It’s like asking whether a phillips or flathead screwdriver is the better tool. Or, are condensor mics better than dynamics? Steel string vs nylon? They are only tools in my eyes and when the time is appropriate, I use what I believe to be the best tool for the job.

Guitars…ahhhhhhhhhhh they are all good! :p

I am even trying to find a crummy guitar that we GIs used to buy in Vietnam. It won’t play worth beans now, unless someone has really taken care of it. But they were dirt cheap and probably will never find one.

Eric Clapton: Crossroads: Gibson ES-335: 'Nuff Said.

(Don’t worry, I’ll say something about Hendrix and his Strat later…I’m doing this one 'Nuff Said at a time. :D )

It's like asking whether a phillips or flathead screwdriver is the better tool.

Trick question, the right answer is robertson :D .

I love my Les Paul, but there is no way around it - the neck is just too darn short! Last week at band practice I found myself beating the heck out of the strings, trying to get notes that just weren’t there. Went home and pulled out my Westone (strat scale neck, 2hb 1 sc), and there were the notes I was missing! Amazing what an extra 1.5cm (3/4inch) can mean!!! :cool:

BTW, the difference between a lie and bullshit - you care whether of not people believe a lie…

'til next time;
Tony W

How many strings?

wynot, that avatar had me as still as a statue for 10 minutes before I could break free of the force… :)

LPs do one thing well, marshall distortion, a strat does everything well.

Hom come we haven’t had any sex analogies yet? ???

Quote (TomS @ Mar. 04 2005,07:39)
Hom come we haven't had any sex analogies yet? ???

'cos we're essentially talking about two blokes :(

I own a Les Paul, Es-335, a Tele and a Strat. They all have there purpose and I play diffrently on all of them. I will never give them up. My Webpage

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Mmmmmm guitars (drool…)

You can never have too many guitars. Fender? Gibson? Me - I don’t mind… so if you’ve got a Fender and prefer Gibson (or vice versa) or you’ve got any other guitar that you don’t like, then feel free to ship it my way…


Well, from a manufacturing perspective, Fender has a superior product. I have seen too may high dollar Gibsons where corners have been cut. (Oops, we routed the electronics cavity too deep. Err, fill it with ply wood. OR Gee, that’s close enough for the binding on a Tal Farlow) I woul dnever ever buy a Gibson site unseen. They just vary too much. Fender at least has a consistant product coming off the line. Now, when it comes to sound… well, to this drummer, all guitars sound alike. :p


Truth be told, I’d rather have a Heritage than a Gibson.

Id play a fender (Id like to have a tele with p90s in it… yum…) but would rather have my Gibson if push came to shove.

Me, I used to consider myself as a Fender-ist when talking 'bout guitars. (Basses are a different thing - I’ve ever met only one Fender bass that felt good in my hands and that was a '59 Precision I definitely could not afford.) We bassists prefer longer scales…

Well, then last May the UPS man knocked at my door and gave me this:

Don’t mind the shorter scale anymore - it plays, feels, sounds and looks just great. So now I’m a convert to Gretsches. Too bad they’re pretty expensive and the chanches for getting another freebie from a competition are pretty much nil…

– Mwah