First attempt at a love song

Ok there’s a story behind this…which is why it may be a little different in style and quality…but…

It’s my first attempt ever at a ‘love song’ purely for commercial reasons.
I’ll tell the story behind the tune later…but for now…what do you think?

i think i would like to hear the story. no fair with the tease.
i like the second chord on the piano in the intro. great “eyebrow raising” chord.
sounds solid. i’m dreading my first love song experience. this is much better than what i’m going to come up with at that time.

nice key shift.
i almost want to hear a little more body in the piano, like a little more reverb/sustain. Especially when it’s a main instrument like here. (I have to load my paino parts up with reverb to kill the choppy digital-ness, since I don’t even have a sustain pedal for that old synth.)

in all, i like.

I like it Craig - not bad for the first time out for a love song…
Love the chord changes too. Your background vocals are always little masterpieces of performance and arrangement. Nice job!

Very nice job Craig! Love songs aren’t my forte so to speak but . . .

Well it ain’t “Chokin’ Cheese” but great job. :laugh:

Back that kick off just a tic please. :agree:

Frikken board won’t let me edit posts!

Anyways, Craig after listening a couple times, screw the kick drum, heck screw the mix and instruments, sing it boy!
Your vocals are awsum to say the least, real smoothhhhhhhhhhh. :agree:

Go a cappella son!

I love your voice more and more each time i hear it Spreadie, those harmonies gave me shivers.

Ange x

Thanks everyone for the comments!
I could’ve done better on the arrangement at least, I know that but…the story is…

Poppa gave me a wee challenge on Thursday.
Write a song titled 'If I Could Write A Love Song’

Make it about someone wanting to write a love song, but also contain the very message they wanted to convey. Like Elton John’s 'Your Song’

Not only that but do it within a week. Recorded and done.

Soooo, excuse me it was a little rushed, and was an excellent excersise (spelling?) in what to do. I’m well prepared now!..I think…

It took three days, a couple of hours for the song, the rest for the recording (sorry…can’t match the 1 hour thing TomS)

Great job you did too! :agree:

ha! pops gave you a ‘pop’ quiz! love it.
eesh, that was a bad pun, even for me.

If this is just your first attempt at writing a love song, and going on the theory that the more you do something, the better you get at it, it shouldn’t be long you’re famous well beyond this forum. But now that I think of it, wouldn’t you consider What About Us a love song? I kinda viewed it as one. In both songs, you do an excellent job of expressing emotions.

Pop Quiz - haw! you’re a riot Alice!

I did have fun at Craigs expense - I asked him for a re-write :laugh: and he stuck to his lines. I like that in a writer.

I hope it was a good exercise in “publisher pleasing.” I had no idea you’d get it done so quick.

So what’s on for next week? :agree:

UpTempoFirstPersonMaleSingularPositive ! :laugh:

ack- up tempo and positive? isn’t that what the Wiggles are for?

You DO have a great voice Craig. I am green with envy. Keep it up! Good stuff man… :agree:


Hey thanks again all!

I suppose ‘What about us’ is a bit of a love song, but I wrote it initially to describe my experience of depression …

Talking of what’s on for next week…I just read an article on a lawyer turned songwriter who said to a publisher ‘I’m going to give you two songs a week until you sign me’…
They signed him one month and eight songs later…

Wow! great recording of a great song, brilliant vocals, you’re doing the backups too? At first it sounds simple but there’s lots of little details that make it first class. There has GOT to be room for you at the top, will you remember all of us when you make it big? Your podunk buds at ntrack?

Your podunk bud at ntrack.

I haven’t heard it but the idea of a love song, uck!

Nix…you made me laugh there! Cheers for the listen…
Levi…blame Poppa!!

Quote: (spreadercraig @ Dec. 20 2008, 10:15 AM)

Levi...blame Poppa!!

:laugh: Thx Craig no problem.
You have a voice that could work for that.
You know I've seen love ruin more bands.
Well change their direction anyway.
Like Zep.
They where on their way of becoming a great blues band.
But nooOOoo they fell in love and started playing "pretty" minor cords.
Bummer lol

Now Zep is ready to tour with all parts in place.
What happens?
Robert Plant goes goo goo over Allison Krauss!
Now the band has to sit.
It happened to me to, and if anyone knows better, y'all here at nTrack know that I HAVE NO BUSINESS SINGING LOV SONGS LOL
I tell ya, it's a conspiracy against fun! Good luck honey'do boy.

“love never ruined any bands”

-said the beatles and fleetwood mac