German Transaltion

for N-Track 4.x ?

i use N-Track 2.x now fro about 4 years, and wanted to upgrade to 4.x for my next project.

I had the german translated 2.2 Version.

Will there be a german 4.x Version in the future ?

Thx in advance.

Doesn’t seem to be the case. But honestly being a german myself I don’t care very much. Most things can be understood wothout advanced knowledge of the english language. And if you don’t understand the meaning of something you can always ask me. :p

Gruß aus Karlsruhe,

Allmighty and El,

What about the idea of running the plain text of the manual through a service like Lycos translator? There are several free services such as:

Since the manual is in .pdf format, I think Adobe Reader has a free translation service for .pdf documents. You might visit the Adobe site for details. That would save you a lot of “Cut and Paste” hassles. Just copy and paste the entire manual to Adobe for the translation. With Flavio’s concent, of course.




I know that autotranslaters and honestly they can make any text even harder to understand though it will be in your mother language.

Personaly I’m satisfied with english n-track. Most clients are americans anyway.

El :blues: :blues:

I think the answer is given already in the fact that (as far as I know) there never was a german v3…

Good day, my German friends!

I just noticed that the Download page shows the Users’ Manual in German. Is that what you need, or are you wanting the GUI to be in German?

You’re welcome.


Guten Tag meine deutschen Freunde!

Ich habe nur bemerkt, daß die Download Seite das Benutzerhandbuch auf deutsch zeigt. Ist das, was Sie brauchen, oder ist Sie, der der GUI will, auf deutsch zu sein?

Bitte schoen.


:laugh: Don, that translation kills me. :laugh:

If I'm not wrong the german manual is for version 2.x. Allmighty requested a completly german n-track. Please note that I'm satisfied with the english version. Nearly my whole computer speaks english. I don't even use german windows anymore. Many computer and software companies do the same here.


you know what i love about german language? how the important parts are at the end of the sentence. you have to listen to the whole thing before you get the point. i find it makes conversing more respectful.

Yes, illium,

They place the verb at the end of the sentance so have to listen to the whole sentence to know what they want or intend to do. Its not a bad thing once you get accustomed to it though. They place the subject first and the verb last.

Surely they must see English as being backwards.

I was stationed in Germany for five years and learned enough of the language that I wouldn’t starve. After all, beer is beer in both languages and German kartoffel salat (potato salad) is the best that you could ever hope to eat. And schoshlik (forgive the spelling attempt) is a mouth-watering kabob smothered in hot, spicy, curry sauce. Great stuff. Their breads and hard rolls (brochen) were the best and their sausages and sandwich meats were great too.

We had a young German girl as babysitter for our kids and she tried to teach my wife and I “proper” German. We can hold our own in a conversation, but can’t read or write it. Great memories though.


Hi Illium and Don,

the verb is not always placed at the end. In fact if it’s a simple sentence the verb is on 2nd position. It’s the subordinate clauses where the verb is placed at the end. But you’re right they appear very often. :p


@Elwood Blues - english is no prob for me,

but some of my friends would understand some thinks faster, if it would be in german .

i dont know how the n-track is programmed,

but maybe a allinone textfile where the gui grabs the words is the best, to make an all language version.

I´m sure there will be a lot of people to make the transaltion

german will be in so far a problem since Flavio (the creator) is italian. :;):

BTW: If you’re familar with a so-called ResourceEditor (a commonly used programmer’s tool) áll you have to do is take a lot of time and edit the ntrckres.dll file in the program directory. Using an application like Resource Hacker it IS possible to translate n-track to german.

But I fear this would infringe the copyright contract. One (with the ability and time to do it) should ask Flavio first.

Elwood :blues: :blues:

Quote (Don Gaynor @ Sep. 14 2004,08:39)
Surely they must see English as being backwards.

Actually, English is backwards (at least compared to the romance languages. I don't know about German). In romance languages the adjectives and adverbs come after the thing being described. In English, you have to wait through this long list of descriptions to find out what you are describing. I like romance languages because instead of "the big, round, meaty, juicy hamburger," you get "the hamburger big, round, juicy, meaty."

the infamous "English grad student" fish
Actually, English is backwards (at least compared to the romance languages. I don't know about German). In romance languages the adjectives and adverbs come after the thing being described.

Well, not always fish. :)

Un petit garcon, bella donna, etc., etc.

But as you know, English grammatically is Germanic. However, as over 60% of its vocabulary is Latin, (either directly or via French), I suppose it's a wee bit of a hybrid.

Especially in the USA where many pronunciations use the French instead of the English, e.g.; garage, herb, fillet, etc.

Anyway, as I've said before, (perhaps on Audiominds), the home of the English language is Scotland, so whoever else uses it differently from us is wrong! :laugh:



You, Sir, are a real kick in the kilts! :D


No wonder I can’t understand my relatives. :)


You, Sir, are a real kick in the kilts!


Jings! I always get paranoid whenever I read a reply by someone from Audiominds. I wonder what type of racism I'm gonna be accused of next! :D

Hi Don, nice to hear from you again. :)

No wonder I can't understand my relatives.

No Phoo, that's because:

(1) you're a drummer, so your auditory nerves are fried.

(2) you're a drummer, so everyone else has to listen (and follow) you, and you never listen to them.

(3) you're a drummer! :D

Only kidding Phoo. :)


An Idea:
Im a spanish reader. Really, rarely i need translations for the software i use, but i know that some folks dont understand much english.
Maybe we can mail Flavio the idea that he use a separate TXT file for the commands (you surely have seen this in others programs) a simple txt file, something like this:


Where the “&” means the letter for the shortcuts.