I Got My Eye On You

copyright 2005 or so

I re’recorded this tune last week because it’s a good blues tune and I need to practice it.
And get a version on line that was compatible with my sound for 09. I gave up on the laptop bass mix. I’m tired of mixing and I’m satisfied with the mix for normal size speakers. The bass peeks through on my little laptop so thats ok.
First has to sound great on my studio monitors.
Second pass the phones test.
Third have a decent sound on my laptop.
Then I’ll upload and sometimes I leave the laptop test out.

It’s really a very cool song about a naughty girl, if you care to dare to myspace it’s
I GOT MY EYE ON YOU in the myspace player
They are remodeling at myspace and it’s causing some blocking so you might find me blocked too. Whatever lol Have a greate day and weekend!

Sounds fabulous on my laptop! :laugh:

I especially like the stereo delay on the guitar right at the beginning. Very striking. :agree:

Thx Thomas I appreciate that!
That effect by the way is nTracks multi tap delay.
Have you messed with any of the presets?
Very cool stuff.
I also used the robo effect from N’s multi tap delay.
Giving it shape from the 1k to the 10k area and pushing it up just under my main vocal for a little shine.
It works better than verb at least on my vocal.

Sounds great on your laptop but like crap on your mains lol!
:agree: That’s possible for my mixin!
I can’t wait to start on some of the new guitar riffs I developed this week.
Finished with mixin for a while, sheesh!

Went to a restaurant last night called “Lil’ Texas” (and the Texas Rangers happened to be on the tube playing the Sox- funny timing). Would have much rather heard this than that deafeningly loud karaoke!

Like that ZZtop vibe thing you got going on. Neat double stops in there…

Nice tune, bass comes through real solid here on my phones, cool licks, I dig the changeups in the beat, love the ending!

Wow man, you have 11, 563 friends! With friends like Paris Hilton, what the hell you need us for??

Thx for the kudos Nix! We all need “real” friends.
That’s not to say that Paris Hilton isn’t just the sweetest darn thing!

Oh that brings up a point!
Last Thursday YOU where one of my top friends!
But myspace has glitches.
One glitch is their “Rotate your top friends option”.
And it does say; “Rotate Top Friends”!
When I clicked that option it started rotating ALL my friends and my top friends where gone.

I tried to find everyone that I lost from the topfriends area and put them back but thats like finding a needle in a hay stack.
11,000 or so to look trough page at a time.
Myspace removes the “search friends tool” for anyone who has over 5,000 friends.
If you would like to go to your myspace account and delete me.
Then I’ll send you a friend request or visa versa and once added again I can add you back to the topfriends area.
Deal? That goes for the others from here that I lost too.
Pop’s, Ange, Spreader and Duff that come to mind. Or if myspace isn’t your thing, that’s ok. I have lost some at other times. They don’t warn you about the search tool until it’s to late. :heart-break:

Quote: (GeoffO @ Aug. 15 2009, 7:11 PM)

Like that ZZtop vibe thing you got going on. Neat double stops in there...

Thx G I appreciate you takin the time to listen and for your positive comments!

Cool…like the ‘what seems like a tempo change’ mid song.

What you using for drums there?


Thx Craig.
The drums are addictive drums, I removed my live drummer for addictive drums on this version.
There is a free demo that you never have to upgrade, with everything except the toms.
You should give it a try.
In fact the only thing I kept from the original version is the tempo the arrangement and the vocal.
I chopped the vocal of a couple words. Some times less is more? :wink:

I should add the song is about Deanna Brooks, miss may 1998.
She plays the piano with her booty.
Well at least in some photos
:laugh: And now is a voice on playboy radio.
She’s a genuine hot shot with a playful personality like; she is so happy and elated that so and so screwed up so that it makes her smile and affectionately pat the looser on the head while sweetly smiling and saying byebye.
I believe she coined the phrase “we are changing the political view one bush at a time”.
That’s Deanna! :laugh:
In fact the avatar for the song is a pic of Deanna. If you’d like a eyeful of gwiz http://www.myspace.com/deannabrooks

HA! I was just kidding, I’m honored to be on the same list as Paris! Just kidding man!

:cool: Darn, I thought he was going to say that he's honored to be on my page because I'm a great music makin guy.
:heart-break: as the bubbles break.
All along it's paris hilton he likes being grouped with. :laugh:

Nix if you want back in the group you'll have to delete me as a myspace friend.
The only way I can put you back is if you become a new friend to me.
You will remain in the new friend group where I can find you for about 24 hrs.
At that time I'm able to slide you up there by Paris.
But you'll have to delete me first.
:agree: Be sure to let me know when you do OR go ahead and add me as a friend but I'll have to know about it right away.

Tried 4 or 5 times now to load this and listen Levi, just won’t open here.

I don’t care for MySpace

Me too - me either.

They had me blocked this morning. Thanks for trying

Do you mix everything on laptop speakers? The thing I hear on all of your mixes is that they are very harsh. They have a high mid range that is just painful, and I am not saying this to be a jerk. The reason I ask about the laptop speakers (besides you asking how to mix on them all the time) is that I have a feeling you are way over compensating for their limited bandwidth. They probably crap out at about 2khz and you are cranking from 2-7k for clarity… Not that I advocate this as a way to get great mixes, but for lack of anything better, even a decent pair of headphones will be better than laptop speakers to mix on. FWIW.

No I’m only using the laptop to confirm a bass presence. But I’ve fought that harshness a bunch, I’m just now getting better control of it. A big part of that was coming from my DI. I’m guessing you where listening with headphones?

Yes there is some over compensating goin on! I’m pulling the high mids to relieve the guitar track of harshness. And then raising some highs to compensate for the extremely flat sounding guitar. Mostly noticeable in head phones. Until I hear no harshness and have an adequately bright overall sound. I appreciate you mentioning this.

Well, I don’t know if you want bright either. Can you just post an MP3 or something and let me fiddle with EQ? MySpace doesn’t cut it. I can probably tell you in about 30 seconds what the deal is.