King Bee buzzin

It’s a blues jam

I’d like anyone who has a blues feel to join in if you would like to.
The only thing I ask is that if you do submit a part don’t be surprised if I chop it a little.
Pop’s will be featured as a singer on this one but who ever sings, sings.
Meaning if your a singer and download the rhythm and record a vocal part I’ll work it in if it’s great, I’m sure it will be.
Harmonie ideas are wanted as well as arrangement ideas, breaks, choirs, or bridge ideas.

Guitar pickers add your licks.
TomS would you be kind enough to add some mandolin?
Guitar too of course.

Click track and basic rhythm are here, let me know if there are any problems.
NOTE: with blues a lot of the time solo areas stay in the tonic and changes happen by feel.
I put a little of that in for a solo area in the middle, sorry about that.
You’ll have to pratice to that part a little ha ha ha!
Peace and good jammin!
Ps, if this is good enough and I’m sure it will be, I’ll go pro with it. To get an even cut you will be asked to pay your shair for liscensing. Licensing for downloads for a yr are approx 30 bucks so it will come down to a few bucks per, maybe. Just letting you know ahead of time. This is optional.

Oh Yeah!
click track is 12 bar 110 bpm 1.0

I set the bpm in n at 110 for the ntrack drummer, then mixedown while playing to make a wav click track. that was a different song file.

Then I added that wav to a new songfile for recording the guitar. And of course ntrack opens by default at 120bpm. Hope that doesn’t wacky it!


Shoot ok give me a min :laugh:

Let’s see; Think I played 3 verses of rhythm before the solo area so you can leave the first loop blank for an intro lead in.

Well I’m a king bee buzzin around your hive. Well I’m a king bee, buzzin around your hive.
Well I can make honey baby, let me come inside.

I’m strong and able to buzz all night long.
I’m strong and able bably, to buzz all night long.
When you hear me buzzin baby, some stingin is goin on, well buzz awhile.
Sting it then.

Well I’m a king bee want you to be my queen.
I’m a king bee want you to be my queen, together we can make honey the world has never seen.

well I’m a king bee, can buzz all night long. well im a king bee baby, can buzz all night long.
Well i can buzz better baby, when your man is gone.

Has something to do with the birds and bees I think :laugh: Well maybe not the birds but definately the bee’s

That jucy harp riff has to be the hook, as well as the bass slide.

Refrence file

Don’t mind if I wait for more instruments do ya. The click and rhythm are off the grid for 110 - how do you plan on putting the tracks together? by ear?

I would only set to 110 if your using midi

The two track should set perfect in n as they are, with n at 120.
Let me open the mp3s to see what your getting and I’ll adjust. No I don’t mind you waiting but don’t’ for get to practice lol
You don’t have to sing every word of course that’s pretty much my phrasing.
Just stay loose and have fun.
And experiment!
Stay with the rhythm, it’s the right tempo.

If they are not lining up for you I waited 4 counts, clicks.

I just loaded the mp3s they are fine with n set to it’s default setting of 120bpm.

If you write midi parts they should be made at 110 bps.

Yes by ear, or lining up with the click track hits. If this causes trouble for you and your midi gear I can redo if you like. I forgot that we probably use midi differently. Just set pitch free of locking with time and set your midi to 110 if you use midi.

I always mix my midi drums down to wav to remove the midi weight from the rest of the song as it grows.
And open that mixdown in a new song file to write the other parts.
Bad habit?

Note: I typed the lyrics real fast as the song played. So the commas might not be in the right place. Phrasing goes like: Well I’m a King bee, buzzin around your hive. I’m a king bee, buzzin around your hive. Well I can make honey baby, let me come inside.

Oh off the grid.
Sorry I never use snap to gid. Is that a major problem for you?

Nope. All I have to do is a vocal.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Oct. 30 2009, 6:50 PM)

Nope. All I have to do is a vocal.

Oh good then you probably have that all done by now.
Ship it on over and I'll start building the song.
Have a bunch new guitar ideas ready :) The only problem is that I have to get domesticated for a couple hrs. I'll check back later

Hi. Just in case ‘above’ caused confusion, I loaded both files with n set to 110bpm and they sync and grid just fine.

here’s what i’ve got so far on the fretless bass. let me know if you need something different!…af.html


jdet, nice tone on that bass.
Did you setup for 110 or 120?
I find that at 120 the tracks list as “Resampled”.

thanks, man.
no midi here, so i didn’t bother with it.

Wow what a weekend! Sorry I had to work more this weekend then I was scheduled for. I’m free again and have time tonight and tomorrow to get back into the song. Jason, thx bud I’ll give it a good listen tonight and send you a note later. :agree: