Man this was fun!

I hear that too Yaz - I think I know how to fix that - just not sure I wanna spend any more time on it right now. Thanks buddy.

Sounds like a cross between ZZTop and Dire Straits.

I listen to that one every time I drop in here…

Definitely an unforgettable hook. :agree:

Thanks Kevin - I got a gut feel I’m gonna get this one cut. There’s already some buzz spreading about it. Could be big.
This time next year I may get to tell Yaz to take his job and shove it! :laugh:

Do I still have a job Yaz?


I got a gut feel I'm gonna get this one cut.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

the opening riff reminds me of Georgia Satellites. so does the rest of the song, for that matter. it’s pretty groovy.

Yeah - it was hard to stay away from "Keep your hands to yourself"
And by the way I’m a huge John Anderson fan - well Lionel Delmore too actually as the writers of "Swingin’"
Strong influences in style.
It’s a pretty basic styling.

I have to agree with TomS, if this is a finished version and not a test version. Honestly I was expecting a little more out of your guitar, considering your an old farter. Sorry but it lacks any kind of sole. It’s like your going through an obstacle course.
Vocals sound great though. I like effects on them. Redo the guitar or = Guitar :disagree: not even average :laugh:

:laugh: Just because he's old doesn't mean you have to treat him with kid gloves!
Quote: (kevinmyers @ Nov. 04 2008, 9:19 PM)


I got a gut feel I'm gonna get this one cut.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

Neither would I.

How do you go about doing that, Poppa?

I played it for a few friends I know that are in bigtime Christian bands and former artists who still have connections - this one has just created a fair amount of buzz. I wish I could post the artist that I think is going to do it - but he’s still out of the country and I’ve only heard from his ‘people’ and not him.

Awesome Tommy! You gooo girl… err I mean boy! :p


Awesome Tommy!
I wish you all the success you deserve here!!

Please keep us informed!


My boy can’t stop singing this tommy!!!

Well if it gets too annoying just smack him upside the head real good. :laugh:

That’s cool. Hopefully a lot of folks will hear it soon.

Is this a first for your pod? And did you upload this to soundclick? I would like to see how it does. Very cool song and production Mr Willis!

I’m going to keep that one off the net until I have heard from some folks on it Levi. I’m not at all happy with the mix anyway. Got one being worked on though. I wanna put the best foot forward I have out there on this one. I do think I’ll get a cut on it. It’s my first full tune with my Line 6 unit - yes - not my pod, my pod is parked at church, but I have the Pod Gearbox software that runs my KB37 which is my new controller and driver interface. Also midi EZDrummer first full tune (I think). I’m getting there. That tune actually grew out of practice pieces of my new setup. I’m doing midi key practice today - who knows.
Thanks for the compliments - I needs 'em. :laugh:

Well I agree the voice is outstanding! The tune rocks, lyrics for me are at least amusing. And the drums sound great. When I hear words like God and Jesus I kind of cringe. No not running in shame lol but I like words that have a rhythm to them. A word that doesn’t is like crotch! That has noting rhythmic about it. Any way yaa da yaa da cool song. Drums sound great! Guitar is hot, Vocals = awesome. Lyrics I’de have to read before I’ll actually hear them.

sorry I’m late, I got stuck in …cyber traffic?
really good little tune, you deserve some success, we’re all rootin for ya! Lot of your stuff should be on the radio.