FOR V 6 0 2

for want of a better term i have called this THE MATRIX EDITOR - it will only work properly in the latest version of N -

as it is far to detailed to post here i have made up a package to help with it - the package is an 8 meg ZIP file, it contains a screenshot some demo MP3s and full text instructions (open text in note/wordpad)-

the demo MP3s start with the original sample and then run into the same sample edited in the MARTIX -

this is the manual(do it yourself version), an automated version with extra refinements should appear in V 6 0 3 -

here is the download link


Very interesting concept Wabbit. This could be automated, yes?

Anyway to get the zip without signing up to what looks like a porn site?
Never mind - I got it


Anyway to get the zip without signing up to what looks like a porn site?

The now titty-free download.

I put it on my server as a backup.

Hey PW - jeez, not that I’m a prude or anything, I just didn’t wan’t
to subscribe and possibly get bombarded with emails from ‘Cherry 68’ and
the like.
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What are you talking about? A wav editor? N is a pretty fine wav editor in it’s own right.
Good luck with that.

It’s a concept Levi. One 'o them grasping things.

due to financial restrictions i ccould not pay for the add free pages on FileFactory - but its the same on most free download sites thats how they exist, i suspose they start off with good intentions and slowly fall to the temptation of mammon - just go for the download leave the ‘fruit’ alone -


i sent the package to Flavio - he said that all being well he would automate the major part of it and if the software could stand it without falling over he would program in a 10 step selector into the pitch shift engine (should appear in V6 0 3)- when (or if) we get that feature then you will be able to do part note shifts, this will give us NOTE CORRECTION like the major pitch shift apps - although 10th of a note may not be musically corect (ie not in cents) it will help greatly, although setting up is a bit complicated in this version the MATRIX method has advantages over dragging an AUDIO CARROT up and down a grid and you can add harmony to parts very easily -



12 ‘steps’ or notes for an octave if I remember correctly?
This could be used as a harmony engine of sorts. Correct?

Rabbit - That’s pretty neat and inovative. I liked the outcome of your
mp3 set. Kind of a super-charged home brew melodyne. Well done :)
Didn’t you do a beat-slicing in N topic not too long ago?
Maybe you (me) could combine the two to increase the dosage. (So to speak)
I do wish the ‘Flav’ could add beat-slicing in the semi-distant future.

I think I know what you mean by “beat splicing” but what do you mean by beat splicing?

That sounds great!

It’s just an auto chop algorithm that cuts a wav into chunks based
on a sensitivity threshold.

i.e PropellerHead ReCycle

Any way to refine the steps? To help correct intonation situations with good takes?
That would be a big plus. I don’t think a step would catch that. Big darn hint


i sent the package to Flavio


the 10 steps would be between single notes - at the moment we can only transpose up or down at one whole note at a time ie C to C@ ~ E to F - what i suggested to Flavio was that we had more options to add more positions between notes - while not being musically correct IE its not in cents, it will assist in note correction -

here is how i expect it to work - you transpose a note first by 1 whole note then use a slider to adjust the note between 0 and 1 - so if a note is out of tune you should be able to pull it back into tune with some degree of accuracy it cound also be a =/- system where you have the uption of going both above and below the note by in 1/10ths but this all depends on how the software will handle this, if you follow the details in the text document any cell in the matrix can have 72 variations of pitch adding in more options per cell will impses a higher limit on the processor which may have to play a diferent pitch for eatch cell it passes over and playing up to 15 cells at a time takes quite a lot of cpu use -

- 1/10th of a note off will be hardly decernable to all but the best trained ears -

we will have to see what we get - but as far as i know nothing will appear before version 6 0 3 - one thing is for sure if Flavio autmates the cloning of the tracks and the initial settings of the pitch per track, all you have to do is set the splice (cut) points -

once you get the hang of it with the MATRIX method you can see exactly where you are at any time, nothing to drag up or down and it opens up possabilities that you would have to pay a lot for elsewhere as a VST here its all in house and as the MP3s show its verversitile -and dont forget that everything else is there as well, volume automation is available and you can still add effects at will it is also easy to add an effect only to one cell-

with the editing method you really can make a difference to how a track sounds and how it fits in a mix,-


Majic that’s very impressive!
There are ample variables with your tool.
Trained ears will hear the slightest bit of intonation problems, noticing more of
sense of bitterness between two instruments. Lets say you adjust the first note of a group of notes.
Can changes be made to the entire section with one adjustment?
Like a pitch fixing auto tuner?
You can make a lot of money with a user friendly program like that!