mute new track after recording

is there an option?

i’ve set up a vocal booth for myself in the walk-in closet… works well with the wireless keyboard to start recording, but i still have to come back to the monitor to mute the track i just recorded and start another take.

is there a way to have each new track muted after it is recorded, WITHOUT setting up punch-in and punch-out (which i can’t find hotkeys for).

hm, i’m assuming there is no way to do this then.

so… any suggestions? i think punch in/multiple take recording would work for me as well, but as far as i can tell there are no hot keys for starting a take?


Use the zero key to start recording, SPACE to stop, and CTRL+Z to undo (remove) the last take.

The Preferences can be set so that CTRL+Z will remove the last take but not delete the wav file and without asking you each time. After doing several takes, you’ll end up with several wavs in your working folder which can all be imported back into the song. Choose the take you want to use, muting or removing the others.


hm, thats interesting, but by removing them from the project then re-adding later… won’t that kill any offsets/positioning? it would work if you always started at the beginning of the song, but i don’t.

i am using those hotkeys now (for recording), but the same ones don’t seem to work for multiple take recording with the punch in stuff.

No, that’s right - best used for doing normal takes, without punch-in etc.

I did think of the offset problem, but you would have record from the beginning of the timelime, i.e. 0min 0secs, so when importing the files, they would automatically be in the right place again.

Not ideal I suppose, especially if you only wanted to redo certain bits. But you could do multiple FULL takes using the above method, then import all the tracks and use the best bits from some of the tracks.

hm, i’m a little surprised that nobody would try recording in a situation like mine… being in another room with nothing but a keyboard to control multiple takes. i guess it would work starting from the beginning of the song each time, but there’s gotta be a better way. i think it’d be faster running back and forth to mute the previous take than starting from the beginning of the song each time.

Don’t have to start recording at the beginning of song.
Make sure you have snap to grid selected and just note what bar you are starting recording at and re-import all your wav file at that bar


interesting. perhaps i will try that… i have never used the grid in n-track.

I always use the grid when recording and not starting from the beginning of the song.

This way if you want to use the same part in another section of the song it is easy to just copy and paste it and it will line up to the tempo properly.

Also means that if you do multiple passes they all start at exactly the same point


this may be over simplistic, but if you’re using a wireless keyboard, why not spring for a wireless mouse? ???

hehe, i have that too. the issue is that i need the screen to see and mute the last track that was recorded by clicking the mute icon. i am in a room completely seperate from my computer, mixer, screen, etc. just a long mic and headphone cable going into the walk in closet down the hall.

another possible solution would be to find a really really long extension cable for my LCD monitor, but now i’m getting into the whole “why don’t i just move the entire studio into that closet” :wink:

i need to be able to control with keyboard shortcuts and not have to see the screen.

smacks forehead

man i feel stupid… the solution is a very simple one (of course). it hit me the other day… simply use SOLO to set which tracks are used for playback while recording. as new tracks are recorded, obviously they are not solo’d and won’t play back when recording the next take!

yeesh! thought some of you might want to hear the solution. :O

Hey that is a great idea!!!

So obvious yet I never thought of that either…

Will definitely do that from now on…

Even with the keyboard in front of the screen it will make it a lot easier to do multiple takes without scrolling down and muting the tracks each time

thanks a bunch dimmer


Gee, if I hadn’t been on vacation last week maybe I could have saved you a forehead bruise.

Then again, maybe not!

No worries, we all have plenty of them. I worry that someday I’ll have a permanent palm-print up there.


why not spring for a wireless mouse?

But then you have to have a wireless monitor :(

This is from page 13 of the manual, I think it’s exactly what you’re after (not that I’ve used it myself…)


Click on the punch-in settings button on the punch-in toolbar (second button from the left)

Check the “multiple takes” checkbox in the punch-in settings dialog box.

Drag with the mouse on the timeline to select the interval to record. Notice that as you drag the punch-in toolbar is updated to reflect the selection.

Click on the start punch-in recording button to start the recording.

The program will repeatedly let you record the selected part.
When you decide you’ve recorded a good part, click on the stop button: a list of all the recorded takes will appear. This will allow you to insert into the song only the take(s) that you think are good and discard the others.

just had to look this thread up again…

thanks lemon, but the problem with those instructions is that you have to CLICK a button to start the recording. this means you have to be able to look at the screen, which i cannot from my “booth”…

my problem was to be able to do multiple take recording with shortcut keys, for which there are none. my solution is to solo the tracks you want to play along with, then use the normal shortcut keys for starting/stopping.

Maybe this is what you need.

Another scenario I’ve considered (but haven’t tried yet) is to set up a VNC server on my desktop machine running nTrack, and control it from the other room via a VNC session running on a wireless laptop.

Obviously this requires a wireless network and a laptop, but, in my case, I’ve already got all of that available, so it should work.