n-Track Recording Contest


I’m proud to announce the first n-Track Recording Contest!

The contest will run from May 1st to the end of August, and prizes for winners will include three full versions of n-Track Studio and 3 free upgrades to version 6.x (which should be released before the contest is over).

Songs can be submitted for “Original Songs”, “Cover Songs” and “Silly Songs”.

The contest is a brainchild of and organized by Poppa Willis and TomS, and they’re setting up the contest page with the songs and voting links

I’m posting this to all 3 forums but I guess the appropriate one for the contest is the n-Track Music forum.
Feedback and suggestions regarding the contest are welcome, and of course submit as many songs as you whish sending an email to contest@ntrack.com


wow…thats cool

good luck all


So… you guys ready to have some fun with this?

We should be ready by the first of May. Any questions ask Tom :cool:

I just hope Kevin Meyers enters a tune.

I’m most looking forward to the “Silly Song” category.
I also have a question for ya’ll.
What would be the best way to make a wav file of the n-Track demo interrupt tone. I’m thinking of a challenge to use the tone at a set interval and building a song around it?
If anyone has ANY suggestions for this thing, please feel free to post 'em.

Let’s Play!

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Apr. 17 2008, 10:35 AM)

I'm most looking forward to the "Silly Song" category.
I also have a question for ya'll.
What would be the best way to make a wav file of the n-Track demo interrupt tone. I'm thinking of a challenge to use the tone at a set interval and building a song around it?
If anyone has ANY suggestions for this thing, please feel free to post 'em.

Let's Play!

Well, like most things in music, something like this has already been done, I suspect. I heard a great discussion of the superminimalist piece called "B-flat" on NPR on the first day of this month.

Anyway, folks should know that there are other prizes in the works.

Other prizes we are waiting for word on = Anteres plugins - 10 or so other companies for plugins.

A little old guitar company I use to work for = a guitar from Gibson Nashville.

I’ve been busy rounding up support. I’ll post as I hear from folks.

Any ideas yet on what the tunes are to be judged on?
The song itself? The production? etc.etc.

We are still working on details - I think Flavio is going to set up a poll for forum voting?
We’ll most likely combine voting with SoundClick charts and plays… any input on that is most welcome.

post it here or email it to contest@ntrack.com

we could even set up a judging panel of members… it’s all of the members contest… Gimme some feedback.

Soundclick plays…that’s obviously needed for soundclicks co-operation but I think there must be some regulation here as it could be the guy/gal with the most cash for advertising gets the most plays.

Sorry…I hate talking about rules and regs… :disagree:

I’m ready. If the judging criteria are “most pretentious crap” and “least talented hack”, then y’all better just stay home cuz I’ll have it in the bag.

Sounds cool.
Is the resident lawyer typing up a set of rules?
Would love to participate but un-fortunatly I’m back on crappy dial-up due to finacial dire straits, haven’t listened to any tunes here for almost 4 months and have the dt’s really bad!

Yaz (it took 3 mins to post this, blazing dial up speed) :cool:

modems and DT’s I would think are not a good combo.
Hope one or both gets better.

On to the contest - I have been asking folks online for support in giving us prizes - I have sent quite a few requests just today and it made me curious as to what some of you might want along the line of plug-ins.

I have already sent requests to kjaerhus, inplug, Computer Music magazine, native-instruments and silverspike.

Any others you think might give it up for us - please post it here.

I could use actual instruments–a mandolin, cello, ud, upright bass,
but I would assume no one is willing to donate these as gifts to the no-talent hack category of the contest, am I right?

You don’t qualify for that category buddy.

Instruments would be nice - I just visited the VSL site - man those would be awesome!

Vienna Symphony

I’ll do some online diggin’ for more suitable ones for us “plain folk.”

Do these songs have to be fresh compositions unheard by human ears, or are people going to be submitting stuff that’s already on here?

PSP is on board and has donated MixPack2.


Count on our PSP MixPack2.
5 plug-ins in one bundle for 199 USD.
We will need to know email of the winner.

Warm regards
Antoni Ozynski

PSP Mix Pack2


And let me add, for those who have not tried it, that the PSP stuff is great.

YOu know, JohnDET, I never knew how much I really liked pretentious crap. Keep churning it out, ok? :)

Concerning rules, the rules committee has been busy constructing Byzantine regulations that will disqualify everyone but JohnDET, although they will do so quite fairly. But Craig has a point. Anyone here remember mp3.com, when you could make money simply by listening to your song over and over? I knew a guy who made 10,000 USA dollars that way.

I find it interesting that folks asking about rules are the ones on the rules committee.

Hi Gents:

It would be so nice if some of the Audio Hardware Manufacturers could be interested in offering up something to the contestants…

Just an idea…