Please don't even READ posts by trolls

it just encourages them

This is a friendly place, most of the time. I’d like to keep it that way. So, I respectfully request that people not even READ posts by obvious trolls. It just encourages them. And of course, don’t reply.

How would you know this Dewey guy was troll if you didn’t read his post, by his name? I must say I looked at his post while I eas eating lunch & it was disgusting.

Quote (Mr Soul @ Jan. 26 2006,15:17)
How would you know this Dewey guy was troll if you didn’t read his post, by his name?

I’m a relative newcomer to these forums, but I learned almost from day one that posts by this individual are synonymous with “waste of time.” They don’t deserve the time it takes to read the subject line.

Um, yes, his name.

I pretty much figured his post reflected his music and the need for parental permission for some to join this forum. Can’t he be prevented from posting anything in the future? (boot him?)

I hope there’s a better way, just ignoring. I’d rather it be a free world, let him do what he wants to do.

Just MHO, of course.

Blocking would be a nice feature, where you can set a preference so posts from IDs you choose don’t even appear. Many forums have it now.

Frankly, I’d rather not make a big deal about it. Unfortunately, saying “don’t feed the trolls” feeds the trolls. But maybe every now and then a reminder helps.

Technically speaking, a troll’s IP address range can be blocked – though it also blocks the troll’s neighbors. That wouldn’t stop a technically gifted or very determined one, though.

But I don’t want to give the guy a hard time or anything. This is just a matter of taste and sense of humor and stuff like that. Everyone has their own and that’s how it should be. No, I’d rather just bore him so he finds something more interesting to do. It’s really no big deal.

I would rather he be blocked, but for now I don’t “see” him anymore. Too bad about some people… :(


Well he does have a mis-informed concept of recording software.

I’d love to let him know why his song sounds like sh-t but I’ll take a cue from Jeff,
to acknowlege something is to give it power.

HE does need to learn something about computers and software.

Sh;t in sh;t out.

jerm :cool:

If no one responds to “He Who Shall Not Be Named”, his threads will drop from the main page, and he will eventually go away.

Either that or we get us some rope and find a horse and a tree… At least that’s the way they used to dispense justice here in Texas. (long before I ever got here, btw)


Oh yeah and Bubbagump is such non-troll like name… :p

I’m totally with Jeff here.
No one really needs to read the guy’s postings or really has to reply to them.
If no one does, they don’t exist.

I’m very much against blocking or banning. One day it will back-fire (someone’s gonna find a tree for YOU. :( )

One problem with blocking and banning is that it becomes a challenge, and one that’s easily overcome without moderators that actively prune “offenders”. And that can backfire too.

Quote (Mr Soul @ Jan. 26 2006,23:14)
Oh yeah and Bubbagump is such non-troll like name... :p

He has been in the regular cast of characters for a while in regards to trolling. Of course a newbie would stumble on stuff, but if you have been half paying attention you would know Dewey with all the love and affection we have for him. :)

Maybe another forum just for trolls… :)


Maybe another forum just for trolls…

This is a fabulous idea! I’m wondering if there would also be an off-topic troll forum.

Kinda reminds me of the jackass guy.(the show) .People like attention and our friend is getting too much.I agree now on not bothering with the block aspect.Who wants to invest any energy into that? I would draw the line with pornography of course but his humor is pretty harmless. I would be more than happy to send him a couple of used pampers,if he has such a facination with s_ _ _ .

hehhhhe. you little no-talent dipshits will keep looking and responding and you know it. you can’t resist so don’t fight it bro. judging by the top percentile view count of my amazing and informative threads, i’d say easily that you’ll be paying rapt attention. :D
it’s normal, i understand and i’m happy to oblige. :laugh:

Your wrong my friend. I assure you this is the last time I will give you a millisecond of my time.I am new to forums but I understand the term troll now. If the shoe fits wear it and you wear it well. I will be on the lookout for your next CD since you must be a multitalented individual not just some run of the mill little punk.

When the troll decides to finally post some of his own recordings, we may pay attention. In the meantime he is to be ignored.