Pot n Calie

Legalization there of

Man if they legalize pot in California, I’m movin!
:agree: I haven’t had a puff in 20 yrs.
Talk about stimuli! yeah!

That’s great news! Now I can have some coffee if I ever go to California!! WOOT!

Legal POT(s):



PS But I have NO DESIRE to go to California… so, meh…

California is neat to visit… but I have no interest in pot or pots.

I’d probably like Northern Cali. So-Cal? Nah… not for me…


I think I heard them mention something about $50. an ounce sales tax, ouch! But as much as I would puff, an ounce would last 20 yrs. Wait make that 40 yrs. I get random drug testing. Only pot I’ll be puffin will be legal. A couple tokes now and then would be nice.

monterey was nice, because i didn’t have to pay room ‘n’ board. i saw what those houses on the bay cost–eeeesh! and that was early nineties, before everything exploded.

i’m not sure what’s going on with the other part of the topic, but if you tried to smoke these i think you’d feel kinda funny.

I am an outlaw
I have smoked the noble weed all my adult life…
Its good to see talk about legal weed,but it wont last
One administration will vote it in,next one will vote it out
So I lift my middle finger to the Gov
And I proclaim myself to be my own man
Stick yer tax where it hurts hunni, :agree:

I smoked my share of it 30 years ago, but only a couple of times since then. I have no desire to return to that lifestyle. As far as legalization goes, I’m not for it, but the idea that marijuana is so evil it could not possibly have any medicinal value is bulls**t.

I had a chance to get a script for it here in Colorado when I was doin’ the cancer dance, but never did. The Doctor actually asked me if I wanted to use it. I couldn’t get passed the - “Oh my God I’ve got cancer and I’m stoned at the same time” thought. I would have been one paranoid monkey.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Feb. 24 2009, 5:28 PM)

I would have been one paranoid monkey.

I think that's all the stuff is good for, making ya paranoid.

And after reading the "spreadercraig" thread it looks as if Levi has already moved to cali! :laugh:
Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Feb. 24 2009, 5:28 PM)

I had a chance to get a script for it here in Colorado when I was doin' the cancer dance, but never did. The Doctor actually asked me if I wanted to use it. I couldn't get passed the - "Oh my God I've got cancer and I'm stoned at the same time" thought. I would have been one paranoid monkey.

Yea you know I don't really get that part.
It always heightened my senses and that would include pain.
But it must work for some.

No, pot is cool.
I mean you don't drink everywhere.
So naturally you wouldn't want to puff everywhere.
Like renewing your drivers license lol
I'm sure everyone would be staring at ya there!
But man it's really very harmless.
Quitting regular cigs was tough!

I could go for a puff every now and then, if it were legal.
wozz, it might make them a big bunch of money.
And money especially for Cali is a good thing and that might keep it around.

Whats the matter Yaz?
Don't ya like posted forum adventures?
It all would have been fine if PW haden't put that part about seeing dead people :laugh: That totally distracted me from the obvious! Say what h**)* he talkin about?!? lol at that point I still believed it was spreadermusic i was showing eveyone.

No, pot is cool.

There's nothing "cool" about it. It's "cool" to not have control of your full mental faculties? Nope.


But man it's really very harmless.

Tell that to my wife's nieces and nephews who were basically raised by us and their grandparents because her brother is a pot-head druggie.

It's not "cool" and it's not "harmless". Period. It's illegal for a reason and it should remain illegal.


I’m not those people, it is harmless and it is very cool.
Sorry, out place laws that worked a couple decades ago.
You can actually go out and find bad examples of people who are politically correct, and staunchly conservative.
But I’m not interested, there are bad examples of all types of people.
You can’t use tunnel vision.
You’ll become a monster, a cyclops with a narrow minded approach to life.
Haveing a puff of pot is about like having a glass of wine.
I would like the right to sip it occasionally. In fact if it where legal I’m sure a lot of people who do bad drugs would probably settle for legal pot over the hassles of some of the others, that are dangerous drugs.
It’s to bad about your relatives I understand your frustration with them.
I truly do.
No one can blame you for feeling like that.
Here’s to pepsi!

Party at Micheal Phelps’ house tonight.


You want more info? Just ask…


Meh, not worth arguing. I am with you D… but alcohol is very legal and people do plenty to get into trouble with it.

In a side note on this high minded thread and sl;ightly related to Cali… I am at work watching Obama’s speech from last night on YouTube and what has struck me the most… is Nancy Pelosi a Carol Channing wannabe? What a creepy lady. Dems don’t even like her… myself included.

Yea - it struck me as her coming of over-age, cheerleader. Now if I’d have been stoned, it would have really creeped me out.

Quote: (DEAD CERTAIN @ Feb. 24 2009, 9:53 PM)


You want more info? Just ask...


I didn't have to go past the first line to see an exeggeration:
"Marijuana (grass, pot, weed) is the common name for a crude drug made from the plant Cannabis sativa"
LOL One only needs to pick it and roll it. There is no making from.
True, crude, is organic and natural out of the earth, sweet and pure. You simply pick it brush the seeds off and roll it. No makeing anyting, like eating an apple. Woops where is eve? lol No I don't want anymore bs thx.