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Hey guys,
Just got done buildin’ my new website.
Let me know what cha think or just vote.
My harshest critics usually help me the most. :;):

Jeremy’s Website

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

Hi Jeremy,

I’m no expert but I’ve built a few websites and I know what I like.

First up, get some proper hosting. When I visit your site I’m presented with a huge pop-up advertising something or other. It then gets worse as I browse around. Unfortunately it doesn’t encourage me to stick around and look at your pages. Also consider that much of the advertising may not sit with your site content.

Hosting can be had for very little these days (I pay £20 a year). Or most ISPs offer a small amount of space.

Secondly, your site seems to be optimised for 1024x768. I run my monitor much higher than that and the formatting is all off. Also consider that there is a large population of folks still using 800x600 (http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp). At that resolution much scroll-barring is needed to see the content.

Finally, consider obfuscating your email address on the page. Otherwise the email address harvesters will find you in no time and you’ll be spammed.

Well done for having a go. Your content is sound and the principle correct so go for it.



Thanks Mark.

I didn’t think of letting my ISP host it.
But the thing with that is it adds alot of extra names to the URL.
Like wwww.verizon.com/user/jeremyprophet/index.html.

I wish I knew a way to direct people from jeremyprophet.741.com
To my ISp’s adresss. Tha way I could keep the small URL, but have a site without pop-ups.

As far as the format being off. I’m not real sure what that comment means.
I typed everything in HTML myself, since I don’t have any fancy web building progies.
My monitor is running at 1024X768. So everything seems centered to me. Also I like the scrolling, I did that intentionally because the backround is so intense it looks neat to me to see the feilds flowing over it.
Truth be known this is just a template I stole from myspace.com. :laugh:
So what your telling me, is that a major web site for singles, is using an improper format?
How can I test this site with other browser setting (without changing my own) I did that once and it took me weeks to get my computer to run right again!

Thanks for all the tips,
I will look into having verizon host my page, a simple copy and paste should do that in too snaps of a lambs tail.

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

Hi Jerm.

Check this out

Free webspace without any popups. The name would then be yourname.awardspace.com

It doesn’t let you store MP3’s tho’, but you can maybe use it to redirect with a more friendly address to your ISP one ?


Several ways to get a short name. Best one is to register your own domain name - it costs peanuts nowadays and there are even some free ones. Most registration organisations then have a control panel that lets you forward your new URL to your own webspace.

As for the format, what I mean is that if I run my browser at 800x600 - as 20% of the world’s surfing population still do, then half (less actually) of your content is off the right hand side of the screen and I have to scroll to the right to see it. This puts people off. It’s better to design a site to work at 800x600 or use special techniques to resize the content.

To see what it looks like in different resolutions there’s no need to change your screen settings - just use one of the browser resize tools that are around. Here’s one: http://www.applythis.com/download/. (Not free - 30 day trial - there are some free ones).

What these do is to change the size of an IE window to the size it would be if your monitor was a different resolution (eg 800 x 600) you can then see how well your page fits into that size.


Here you go, I’ve done you an example. The following page looks fine on my screen (1280 x 1024) but if you look at it in 1024 x 768 you’ll see that the text on the right goes off the right of the page.

This is how folks using 800x600 would see your page.

Sample wide page



Probably the best and cheapest way to host for folks with low volume sites is GoDaddy. $4/mo hosting plus $8/year for domain registration.

Thanks guys for all the advice.

William. I signed up over there, only thing is I have no idea what my url is there, or how to find it, I’ve clicked every button in the file manage, and no metion of it.
I created a index.html file, but have no idea how to access the page to look at it.
They sent me a email, m username is jeremysdemos, but the mail doesn’t tell me what the URL will be either.
As soon as I find out what the URL is, I can somehow link it to my other one. I’ve already copied the front page into the index file.

I have tried jeremysdemo.awardspace.com… but it says nothing’s there.

Thanks Mark again for your further help. %20 heh? That doesn’t seem too bad.
But I definitly will look into the proggy you suggested, to see if I can resize it to be more user freindly.

Thanks bubba too, as soon as the internet starts making me money, I will start giving it some. But that is a great price!



Hi Jerm.

To get awardspace going you need to 1st go into the control panel and create a subdomain in the subdomain manager.

There you can call it whatever.awardspace.com

Then in the File manager you have to go into the subdomain section (where it says your Current folder is /home/www/whatever.awardspace.com

You copy the index.htm file in there and then it should show up.

Your subdomain can be anything (you don’t need to have your username, and you can have a couple as well)


Did that.
It shows this adress.

only problem is, if you put this into a browser, no page.

If you add www.awardspace.com/ at the begining, nothing.

Nothing, nothing nothing.

Wouldn’t it just be easier if the TOLD you your URL for the many pages you create?

Giving you this list:

That doesn’t work, leaves more questions than answers.

Most sites like this have an option like.
(Veiw your page here)
This is your URL for the page your editing.
Of course those sites that do that, have pop-up!..lol

Thanks again guys,


Ok, I think I was overthinking it.

I tried this.

My Webpage

Looks Ok so far…now to figure out how to fix the page size for those other %20…
Meanwhile, back at the ranch…
I tried that proggy, Mark suggested. I couldn’t even get it too load.
I have noticed that if I use E explorer, the page looks different, and everything is not where it should be.
How do I make it right in E explorer and in Firefox, Netscape, etc?
FYI, I added a video clip, since someone voted (it needs more X) but didn’t define the X.

Thanks again Wiham.


No problemo


Hi jerm;
Thanks for the link… As you know… I have a modem here… so streaming audio is an issue for me. I’m playing your first listed song… I recognize John Wooten and Nick T. They are great guys… Keep at IT…

Can I say it? Your page is exactly … You…

Mabey one day I’ll get a hi-speed connection… I really need Hi-speed, here…


Quote (woxnerw @ April 01 2006,04:52)

Can I say it? Your page is exactly .. You..

Mabey one day I'll get a hi-speed connection.. I really need Hi-speed, here..


Thanks for the vote of confidence Bill.

Hey, there is a link on there to go to the soundclick site, for low-fi streams... I didn't leave out the dail up users! :D

It wasn't too long ago I was one. And if Christianity has taught me anything, it's to never forget where we came from, and being considerate of those who are still there.

Peae be in the house of Wox.

jerm :cool:

ThankYou jerm… We’re watching… :O :;):


Quote (woxnerw @ April 01 2006,09:44)
We're watching.. :O :;):

Doesn't bother me, I have nothing to hide! :D

Hey Jerm, the page looks good.

The only thing I have to add is that maybe you should put those links at the top of the page into a table, so they don’t move around on the mouse-over.

Also, your music has improved alot, must be two years since I heard anything of yours :)

Quote (Guest @ April 02 2006,05:17)
[quote=woxnerw,April 01 2006,09:44]We’re watching… :O :;):

Doesn’t bother me, I have nothing to hide! :D

I know… and good for you… :O :;): I read most of your posts…


Quote (Jow @ April 02 2006,08:29)
Also, your music has improved alot, must be two years since I heard anything of yours :)

Hey jow,

Well it is not me who has improved, but the manifestation of He who resides in me, I will not take any credit in that area.

May I ask what browser you are using?

I have been trying to figure out why it looks different in Explorer than in Firefox.
I need to find a design that stays the same no matter what browser is looking at it.




FOr some reason when you post those two faces I get the “Private Eyes” song in my head …dang Hall and Oats!