Something With This?

Here is a little something that has been sitting on a shelf for severals months. What you hear is whats done. Anyone want to step up and add to this?

Recorded sans click track, freewheel, key is C. For those interested piano & orchestration done on Casio CTK-1000. If interested & using MS-IExplorer to DL opposite click on the link below then SAVE TARGET AS…

Drop me a PM here…lets chat!


Anyone taken this on yet Duffman? I’m hearing things again.

Bruffie you feel it?

Nope not a thing. And I took on a hugh new project at my business so I wont have any time for much of anything other than work, a reply here or there, or posting what is already done, for the next 2-3 weeks.
I can post the individual tracks to this if you want them.

I also have something else I started and now dont have time to finish I would like you to hear. Will drop a link to it as soon as I get a chance.



I can post the individual tracks to this if you want them.

Yea - I'd like to see what's there Duffman.

That’s a nice little piece. I think it’s got a lot of potential. :agree:

Yea, me too - if you can get the files somewhere, I’ll see if the non-click can be turned into a nice drum kit under it and a couple of other things I’m hearing. It appeals to me.

I meant to have already messed around with this, but got kinda sidetracked.

I hear ya Kevin - I had a quick listen last week and was too busy to take it up.

If I get anything I’ll run it by you for input, if you don’t mind - it’s right in your ballpark.

Sounds good to me. :agree:

Nix dropped me a line about this and I had 20 minutes or so spare so gave it a listen. This gave me goose bumps. His vocals emote so much in a John Hiatt, Tom Waits, sort of away, just pick one.

The strings need to come up in spots and piano down. Now this really needs to be finished…I just dont have time.

Yea - gonna need individual tracks somewhere.

OK, I want to try another take to get the rythym and phrasing better, if I can i’ll leave the voice on mediafire, anybody check out dropbox? they let you have 2 GB free!

There’s just a ton of file sites these day. I also use

i use
50GB free…8ebb871

I think Steve might have some time this weekend to post the other tracks, I posted this up, I think this take is better, let me know, I didn’t put any effects at all on it, no compression, no nothing so that the mixers have more choices. (needs your magic wand! )

it’s labeled “vocalsSD”

thanks nix - grabbing it now - I’ll await duffman’s files.

I like where you’re going with this Nix. Like the expression in your voice, interesting to hear where this is going. I would be tempted to pick up the song after the 1st stanza and emphasize that piano rythmn with some drums. This could be really good and with the people involved, I reckon it will be. Go for it guys! :agree:

Tracks in compressed folder on MediaFire:

Tracks rendered at 16bit 44.1Khz to save space. All are from beginning of time line, some will have lots-o-dead space. Piano broken into 3 tracks to allow easier cut & paste. Will check back mid next week to see whats happened if anything.

Its 5:30am here so I am off to work to load out 4 trucks, then off to a meeting at John Deeres’ Harvester Works, then back to shop to prototype some new designs for P&G end of isle displays. If I can get this all done today I wont not need to work tomorrow!!

Everybody have a great Fathers Day!!


P&G end of isle displays

Proctor & Gamble end caps?