Soundclick contest

Vote Ange!!

Will do! Good song. Go for it Ange :agree:

Wow, that is a great song, with a great flute, and a great sounding mix! Wonder who all those talented people are who assisted that incredible person who is now my favorite songwriter ever, Ange Hardy? :)

Yahooo! :agree:


awww, i've gona all mushy...

thank you guys

xxxxxxx :love:

See you’re kickin up a fuss on SC forum too!

3 pages in a day!

Now THATS good promotion.



Mary says she’s a flutist and not a flautist - only folks like galway who make the big bux can call themselves flautists… ???

Is it usually the case that folks ask for reviews from so many different genres?

Mary is wise… :agree:

Main reason being ‘flautist’ sounds too much like ‘flatulence’. Might confuse some less edgumacated folk… :laugh: (I crack me up…)


urm… all I can say is, I have tasted the bitter sweet of the forbidden fruit (ie: another forum!)

and realised that you guys are the best. :;):

(I made a booboo and a dude on there been (sort of) a pickin’ on me! I don’t like it when people don’t get me! :heart-break: )

I love you guys…forgive me of my betrayal. :love:

Ange x

ps: Mary can call erself what she like…I calls her ‘ruddy brilliant’ :)

Yea I saw the posts from that dude on SoundClick - I’d have just reviewed it honestly, saying it sounds like a bunch of noise to me. You are right in picking what you want to review.

Why do people have to get so touchy about that stuff anyway? So Ange didn’t feel like she could give a fair review of a “hip-hop” tune. I couldn’t either! Mainly because I have yet to hear ONE hip-hop tune I could stand to listen to. It’s simple; people have different ‘tastes’ and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that! It’s not dismissing hip-hop as some lower value genre or anything… lot’s of people LOVE IT. (God knows why…) It’s just a personal taste thing…

Don’t get down about it Ange. I would have to have done exactly the same thing…

Preacher-man D

Quote: (ange @ Jan. 16 2009, 3:35 PM)

ps: Mary can call erself what she like...I calls her 'ruddy brilliant' :)

I too call her brilliant. I call myself ruddy when there's Guinness in the house. :whistle:

ANYWAY, one can alway suggest of any hip hop tune that the subharmonics are not coming through with enough force, and that they need to mix it so that it will blow the windows out of their ride. I find that generally works, and is often true of home made hip hop.

Good advice Tom, but hey, how can anyone be serious about a arse who calls himself #1 goon?!?!?!

Well when you have Ange doing a tune with Tom and Mary involved in the playing and production, what else can you say but

"Excellence in the 1st degree"

My geetar gets out tune when I hippty hoppity all around the room! :laugh:

Well done Ange! You’re in the final (Iknew you would be)

You’ll get my vote.

Me too! :)

Awww gwashhh Thanks Guys :love:

chuffed i’m in…

(if the number of votes I get doesn’t tally up with the number of friends I have on here I’ll be very upset!
:p :laugh: )

Ange x

Oh ok I’ll vote and there are a few others who needs to get after it!
Wonder how I missed this?
Your umm, your music is, aaaa heck Ange we don’t really need to vote for you, your great!
But what the heck!

I used to be a memeber at Shaina Twains offical site.
Yes I fell in love with her, can you believe that?
Anway her members/fans where awsome.
The energy that they could create through’out the world on polls, contests, chart positions was amazing!
Hey they might live in Canada but they would call a DJ in Europe they have no limits.
There is no stopping a true fan of Shania’s.
We are yours Ange! I want a bumper sticker that says "I’m an Ange Fan!"