T.S. Cindy

Here she comes …

T.S. Cindy hits gulf coast, heading straight for NC mountains, entire western NC under flood watch. Tornado watches out for this afternoon, watch boxes include my neck of the woods. Hoping all you n-Trackers in 'Bama and Georgia came thru without harm.


Yep. One word though… RAIN! And lots of it! This has been the wettest spring/summer I can remember for a LONG time. You ought to see the freakin’ corn fields around here dude! Farmers gonna have a darn fine crop this year assuming they can get into the fields to harvest. Ever see a combine sunk up to the axles?


PS Dennis is following closely. Keeping fingers crossed…

Darn, I got peeps in WNC. This is all they need after Ivan. 8( Half of Asheville was under the French Broad River, never mind all the small branches that overflowed. The accelerating overdevelopment of the area has not helped. Wall-Mart parking lots do not let water seep into the local water table but throw it straight into the rivers.

Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone in the region.


Tropical storm my butt! It was awful, tornadoes, funnel clouds, worse lightning I’ve ever seen. Pin oak at front door got struck, fried answering maching, bedroom alarm clock, debris every where, roads shut down, flash flooding. Still raining hard here at 6:24, and this started at 2:30 this afternoon. Front ditch looks like Yadkin river!

I swear Hugo wasn’t this bad! Can’t even get to hospital to see my mom. They drew a quart of fluid out of one lung today, really wanted to be there, but not in this storm, local interstate Highway 52 is a parking lot for about 15 miles. But talked to her and she is feeling better, so behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining.

A very wet shaking from the lightning strikes Yaz

Footnote, local news not reporting any fatalities so far! :D

You guys are tough over there… You’ll survive… We got Ivan two years ago… The EYE came ashore right over where I live… I could look up and see the stars… Well… We are still working on the Tree-Fall… It was bad… We talk a lot about the weather we get around here… There’s not a lot we can do to change it…


Hang on in there Yaz. :)

Am hanging Tank, thanks. Still finding damage as of this am. Corner of music room hit by lightning, knocked sheet rock patching out of the corner, (yep thats a metal corner behind the sheet rock mud) Also a gutter downspout on the outside where damage in music room. Freaky huh?

7" of rain in 5 hours. Dennis now a Cat.4 Hurricane. Hunker down TG, tracking straight towards Weezyanna and "Bama. Hopeful the track will miss here. But the first predicted track of Cindy didn’t hit here. I predict hair will miraculously re-grow on the bald spot of my head. So much for predictions :D

Yeah Yaz hang tough and give the insurance adjuster h#!! know wattamean? I am in northeast Alabammy… we just our butts soaked when these things blow through. An occasional tornado might spin off, which is a BAD, BAD thing… I have seen some freaky crap with tornadoes and lightning and such. Mother Nature can be a real beyatch!


Dennis: Just in time for GA vacation…oooooo…crap.

I’m heading for Savannah/Tybee Island this Sunday for a week of R&R. I hope Dennis don’t rain on my fun. :(

Stay safe ya’ll! I’ll be here when I get back!

TG :)

#&@( Yaz,

That is some scary stuff. Closest lightning strike I have been around was about 25 to 50 yards away and it looked like a backhoe had ripped up the road. Yes, scary stuff.

Now Dennis is creaming Cuba…and we shall see where next.


Why don’t they just put a couple of fans along the coast and blow the hurricanes away? ???

Or put wheels on Florida and tow it north for the summer?

See, if I was in charge…


Sure is scary stuff TrackGrrrl, wifes car was in driveway beside tree, her radio is fried too. Some powerful stuff lightning is.

Did the clean up thingy and mowed yesterday, only to discover a Yellow Jacket nest in backyard, only got stung once, but being alergic it is enough.

Tank, hey dude if you run for office, I would vote for ya!

Nah, no-one would vote for me Yaz, I’d force the USA to comply with the Kyoto accord.

Global Warming = Higher sea temps in Tropical seas = Stronger hurricanes = Florida etc. getting hammered.

What does it take to get these damm idiots in charge to see? :(

But, I suppose the public gets what it wants. "Comply with Kyoto? That’d mean an extra couple of cents on a gallon of gas! Think we’re made of money?"

Actually many of the public probably would pay that price, but the politicians won’t risk even a single vote.

And notice I didn’t use the name “Bush”; “Clinton” didn’t implement the Rio accord either.

Quote (Sceptic Tank @ July 10 2005,21:22)
What does it take to get these damm idiots in charge to see? :(

Quote (TomS @ July 11 2005,09:00)
Quote (Sceptic Tank @ July 10 2005,21:22)
What does it take to get these damm idiots in charge to see? :(


see what, that the sun is getting warmer?... for how many years have we been maintaining accurate and reliable records?... one, two hundred?... and how old is the earth?... i hope you remember fractions... :D...

now, having said that i must admit that if i am not willing to consume it because it could poison me, then it must be bad... whether it's exhaust from an internal combustion engine or some of that crazy chinese food my girlfriend eats :D... how many of us would stick our lips around a tailpipe?... a car's tailpipe! :)... speaking with a ga tech grad student researching fuel cells, he tells me that maybe we'll have a usable form in a decade... i certainly hope this isn't the case, i hope a reliable and affordable alternative to the ICE arrives to market sooner... and damnit, they'd better have a reliable tranny and output 90000ft-lbs of torque... :)...

sorry to hijack the thread... if anyone wants to argue this stuff, start another thread, please...


hey most threads get hi-jacked on this forum, no biggy isaac.

I want one of the single commuter planes I saw on 60 minutes. 'Sides, I wanna buzz my neighbors houses at midnight for keeping me up on the fourth!


see what, that the sun is getting warmer?..

Is it? ???

And what do you mean by “warmer” Isaac; higher surface temperature, greater energy output, what?

?.. i hope you remember fractions…

Isaac, you’d be amazed at what I remember about numbers! :D

speaking with a ga tech grad student researching fuel cells, he tells me that maybe we’ll have a usable form in a decade…

I hope you spoke back to him in words of one syllable; because by the sound of it, he wouldn’t be able cope with longer ones.

We’ve had usable and highly efficient fuel cells for decades. But, they still don’t “make” energy, they merely store it.

Anyway, what is your whole point Isaac, you’ve lost me I’m afraid.

sorry to hijack the thread… if anyone wants to argue this stuff, start another thread, please…

Sod off! :laugh: