TapeSim VST Demo

before and after mixes.

Here is a sample of a tape sim demo(cakewalk©) if you have two minutes to spare(short samples).
This is a minimalist mix just me strumin and singing the guitar live, no overdubs or retakes.

but to give a good example of how this tape sim can faten up a mix of a song that really has very little going on.



keep shinin

jerm :cool:

That’s a nice A-B Demo…

Does anyone remember Bill Wall ??
Where is He ????

Anyway, He created a plug named MaxX …
a DX app…
The Read Me Goes…

Readme file updated: 05/25/2000

Mastering Tools by Bill Wall
MaxX™ is the first is in a line of software and, possibly hardware, tools, designed by Bill Wall specifically to make the mastering of audio recordings easier.
Keep checking “www.directap.com/audio” for future developments.

MaxX™ Saturation Simulator DirectX Plugin - Version 1.0 BETA
MaxX™ was created from a desire to capture the natural compression/limiting effects of analog magnetic tape.
It is NOT a tape simulator in the sense of trying to recreate the sound of tape; there is no frequency effects, noise, distortion, etc.,
It will simply help your mixes sound louder, yet still clean and natural.

It does try to recreate the ability of tape to saturate and limit the signal in a desirable way.
In fact, the simplest way to think of MaxX™ is as a limiter.
As such, you will find you can push your mixes a little harder without clipping, and without adding any harsh affects to the sound.
Transparency is one of MaxX™’s best features.
So, try it on your next mix.
Experiment with conservative settings (Threshold: -6db, Gain: +3db) and you will be delighted to find a “hotter” mix without artifacts.

MaxX™ is designed as a Mastering tool, and as such, it is intended to be used as the last plugin on the mix bus.
Of course, as with any plugin, it is possible to insert it on an individual track, or auxiliary bus; you may, or may not find it useful for that purpose.

Note: As with most any plugin, you can overdrive MaxX™ and make it clip, and sound bad.
It will, however, make this harder to do.

At this time MaxX™ is BETA, and is provided free of charge.
We reserve the right to charge a fee on future versions if we choose to do so.

Support Policy
As this is BETA software, and is being given away free, there is no support per se’.
However, if you email to “support@directap.com” we will try to answer questions as time permits.

Installing MaxX™
Create a folder where you will permanently keep the MaxX.dll plugin files.

Unzip the MaxX.zip file to that folder.

Go to that folder and double click the “Install” file appropriate for your system; for example use, “Install(WinNT).bat” for Windows NT and Windows 2000 systems.

Reboot your computer.

Now, MaxX™ should show up in your recording software as a DirectX plugin.


Using MaxX™
Place MaxX™ as the last plugin on your mix bus.
It is designed to act as a “tape saturation type limiter” on your whole mix, and therefore, needs to be last in the plugin chain.

There are two controls; “Threshold” and “Gain”.

The “Threshold” determines the level at which MaxX™ begins to work.
Below that setting MaxX has no effect.
The Threshold has a range of -20db to 0db.
Please note that even at 0db limiting can still occur, so do not think of 0db as a “bypass” setting.

The “Gain”, with a range of 0db to +6db, allows the signal to be boosted at the plugin.
You could also simply drive the plugin harder by a higher overall mix level.
The gain control is provided as a convenience.

Best results seem to be with the Threshold set to between -10db and -6db.
Experiment with various gain settings until you get the desired loudness you are looking for.

Other Software you simply MUST check out

Freeverb - By Jezar, at Dreampoint (http://www.dreampoint.co.uk) - this truly may be the best reverb you can get, and it is FREE!

nTrack Digital Multitrack Recording software, By Flavio Antonioli, at http://www.fasoft.com - excellent audio recording software for very little money.
Don’t be fooled by the price, this is VERY good software!

The MaxX™ software, and accompanying materials, in the ZIP file that this readme.txt
is packaged in, is Copyright© 2000 Bill Wall who retains all rights to this software.
However, you are granted a license for personal, non-commercial use, and to distribute this software provided that you only distribute the original, complete, and unaltered ZIP file, which includes this readme.txt file.

This software is provided “as-is” with no warrantees of any kind. The user shall determine the suitability of this software for any purpose whatsoever.
The software has been checked for defects, and is supplied in good faith, but is not guaranteed to be error free. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall Bill Wall nor DIRECT APPROACH accept any liability from your use - or inability to use - this software. Use at your own risk.

03/21/2000 Version 1.0 BETA - Initial release Version 1.0 BETA
03/25/2000 Version 1.0 BETA - enhanced release; .1db increments in Gain control

Known issues
All reported issues have been fixed.

MaxX™ was created using the Cakewalk DirectX wizard (www.cakewalk.com/devxchange).

MaxX™ is a trademark of Bill Wall dba DIRECT APPROACH.
All other trademarks are those of their respective owners.

[End of Readme.txt]


This plug worked up to XP and I believe phoo managed to create a file/whatever to get it to recognize Vista…
I think…

The GUI had two sliders on it…

It worked(s) like a charm…


There’s lots of clever guys that used to be around this Board…

It works!!

Before = Crap

After = Fatter crap



Quote: (Unsmoked_Winstons @ Nov. 03 2010, 8:30 AM)

It works!!

Before = Crap

After = Fatter crap



Unsmoked you should be ashamed of yourself!

unknown hinson wouldnt behave like that

Bill that website for the maxx plugin doent exist anymore


Fatter is better. :)

Bill if you have a link to that tape sim app it would be much appreciated. :D

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Quote: (jeremysdemo @ Nov. 03 2010, 8:56 AM)

Fatter is better. :)

Naw... womerns don' likes the fat dudes. You gotta have a chart toppin' bod like ol' Unknown baybayy...


Today’s contest: identify everything that is wrong with that picture. :laugh:

Hi All:

I believe that Bill Wall disappeared from everywhere/anywhere TO-DO with Music on the Internet…
Unless I’m using the wrong search words, I haven’t seen anything to-do with MaxX DX plug in…

I have a file that has anything to-do with that plug and it’s installation, on a drive, on this machine…

The whole file size is in the order of 360 megs.
The most I can remember of Bill Wall is…
He’s sharper than a Tack…
It’s a shame that he’s not here to defend his Plug…
I’m sure he’d know if it would run on a Windows 7 Operating system…
I know phoo would know…
Where is he these days ????..
I’m gonna say that the MaxX plug covers a lot of territory, in-and-around Tape saturation-to-digital applications…

I used it on several projects when I was tracking…


Ii KkNnOoWw :) :p :laugh:

I don’t think that PhotoShop would allow anyone to FIX a photo like that… lol…

It tough to put into WordS… Even Bluenose… lol…


I wasn’t gonna say anything TO-Do about that reply… However, I find I’m unable to help myself stay away from it… So-There…

Good edit there, Unblown_Jonson… :agree:

You fellers don’t know Lynda Kay? Geez…


Lonsesome Spurs open for Unknown Hinson quite often. You fellers need to get out more often… maybe listen to something besides Jeremydemos funeral dirges.


Oh, sure, we know Lynda Kay, but there’s still a whole lot wrong with that picture. By “wrong” I mean morally, spiritually, physically, metaphysically, epistemically, and in just about every other way, wrong.

Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 03 2010, 2:19 PM)

Oh, sure, we know Lynda Kay, but there's still a whole lot wrong with that picture.
By "wrong" I mean morally, spiritually, physically, metaphysically, epistemically, and in just about every other way, wrong.

Yer just jealous... s'okay... I can unnerstand... Unknown's hard to keep up with, yeah, yeah...


No doubt.

Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 03 2010, 4:12 PM)

No doubt.

Ah... the Stefani siblings band... until they started breaking 'big' and Eric bailed...

Haz beenz... :whistle:


Hi All:
I believe I found a link to the famous Bill Wall…

My Webpage

I looked around several pages only to conclude that this is the guy… Maybe, some of you older n-Track freaks can snoop around that link and confirm if it one-in-the-same
Gent… Only thing… There is no mention of the MaxX DX plug…


Yep - looks like he made that into a couple of other plugs, and they cost money. He also has an amazon store front. Cool.

Local boy makes good film at eleven… :agree:

Congrats to our distinguish colleague, Mr. Wall.

I used to have a distortion Effect I got as a freebie VST over at KVR a wayz back, it wasn’t much to look at, just a bunch of silver sliders but man when you put that baby on a hi-hat and snare…you got one sweet grit for tone.

Speaking of dirges, I nearly died when that hard drive fried.
e-t e-t the thing was making sounds like one of the daleks, EXTERMINATE!

And as we all do, when we go back from whence it came…the plug is no longer available…

Anyway still toying around with that Tape sim…it doesn’t do quite the same thing but it’s got GRIT baby! and you can push, push it good.


keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Hi jeremysdemo:

I made an attempt to install the MaxX on this machine… (Vista Home O/P system…
I have the folder here, that I can give you a link to, It’s a beta plug…
with the read me and a few other files…
Any good for you guys to try it?
OR… Is that a NO-NO ????

After all is Said-and-Done…
that plug worked pretty nice in '98SE…